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Retail & CIPHR

After working with top brands within the retail sector, we know how to support and streamline your HR strategy to ensure excellent visibility of HR processes and monitoring of employees. Through our close relationship with our retail customers we understand the key issues that they face, including talent attraction, flexible working hours and reliable reporting on absence and turnover. We solve these challenges through configurable, auditable recruitment processes, customisable work patterns and robust MI reporting.

“The system is established and it has been well received by our users. I even get emails from them saying “I love CIPHR”. You can’t get any better than that!”
– Greggs


How CIPHR have helped our Retail customers


Control seasonal demand and turnover of staff by recruiting the right candidates

Manage fluctuations in seasonal staff numbers by talent pooling employees to rehire when demand is high. All statements can be published and reports can be created to identify gaps in employment, whilst information is retained on unsuccessful employees. Our online application forms allow all relevant checks and references to be carried out. After recruitment, performance appraisals can be arranged by managers, with automated reminders to ensure employee retention.


Diverse and customisable work patterns and contracts

Customisable work patterns which are easy to set up and save to the system for allocation to future employees can be allocated to any role, providing the flexibility for management of volunteers and casual staff.


Track time and attendance

CIPHR integration of time and attendance by logging all worked hours, ensures visibility for managers. Straightforward reports can be created to view a variety of absences and absence reasons, with the ability to drill down into departments and teams. CIPHR allows you to keep track and measure absenteeism enabling you to facilitate early intervention.


Accessible, automated reports

Standard and customisable reports can be created and exported for more reliable and accurate data allowing clear interpretation and analysis. Use interactive graphs for data analysis on a number of areas including payroll, finance and absence.

“The move to SaaS has been pretty much seamless and the benefits of the new environment are many. Pulling off reports is probably the biggest difference that we saw immediately. The time-saving from generating reports is huge and it frees our HR teams to focus on more strategic, business-related issues”
– Greggs


Excellent support and training services to help you gain the full functionality from your system

We provide a full range of support services to our customers, including consultancy, training sessions, dedicated Account Managers and our Service Desk. CIPHR’s support is designed to help you with planning HR strategies, gaining a full understanding of your system’s functionality and efficiently answering and assisting you with any enquiries you may have.

“The trainer adapted the pace to suit delegate needs. Fantastic training, well structured, good pace – well planned.”
– Green Room Retail

“The migration to CIPHR SaaS has been pretty seamless and the support we have been given by the CIPHR team has been excellent. The Service Desk at CIPHR has been fantastic! I copy them on any issues so that they are totally up to speed with where we are and they give me first class support and advice in return”
– Greggs