Good Work, Great Technology:
a new book by Ciphr

Chapter 01

Background and right to work checks

Robust checks on potential employees help you understand more about who you’re hiring and can mitigate the risk of internal crime

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Chapter 02

Using video in recruitment

The coronavirus pandemic prompted a vast range of changes to HR processes, but one of the most dramatic shifts was the sudden shift to video recruitment.

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Chapter 03

Sentiment analysis: From the consumer world to the workplace

Don’t assume sentiment analysis is just for consumer brands – it can be a useful gauge of employee engagement, too

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Chapter 04

Wellbeing at work

The global workplace wellbeing market is now growing at a rate of 7% a year, but how can HR build their own wellbeing tracker?

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Chapter 05

The evolution of employee surveys

The pandemic has been a “pivotal moment” in employee research, according to Vijay Mistry, senior consultant at People Insight, an engagement consultancy

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Chapter 06

Social media for hiring

According to employee review and job site Glassdoor, 79% of candidates are likely to use social media in their job search

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