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CIPHR Report Designer Introduction

The new version of CIPHR SaaS introduces the new powerful CIPHR Report Designer. This has been created to make reporting with CIPHR more flexible, user-friendly and intuitive. To book yourself onto a training course please contact our Training Department on 01628 814 010 or by emailing

Download CIPHR Report Designer Training Manual

A full suite of pre-built reports have been included that should cover most of your day to day requirements; from staff absence to training needs. Should you require a more bespoke report you can easily edit the new pre-built reports or create new reports with the CIPHR Report Designer. All of your previous reports will now be found under the heading “Legacy Reports” in the Reports menu. These can no longer be edited.

To Create a new report follow the steps below or refer to the training manual above.

Open the CIPHR Report Designer by selecting the new Report Designer option under the Output menu. You will be presented with the CIPHR Report Designer home screen.

To create a New report select the New option. The familiar Report Wizard has been retained, allowing you to pick and choose which fields should be available in the final report.

The final screen of the wizard now presents you with three output types to choose from:

  • Dynamic Spreadsheet (.xlsx) – output to Excel
  • Document (.pdf) – output as a pdf file
  • Text (.csv) – output as a text file

Selecting an option will finalise the Report Wizard. When you do so you will see that the report is “Checked – Out”. This prevents changes being made whilst you are working on the report template. Excel will then open with three worksheets; Report, Base Data and Report Information.

You can get to work using all the familiar Excel functions immediately using the full array of charting, graphing and analysis tools that Excel has to offer Any changes made to this template will be pulled through into your chosen output when the report is run in future. Please note that the csv output is a flat text file and does not support images, graphs or formatting. Any worksheets that are not hidden will be output when the report is run from the Reports menu.

Once you are finished with your amendments, save and close the Dynamic Spreadsheet template. Locate the report in the CIPHR Report Designer home screen and Check-In the template.

You can edit the template at any time by Opening the report, or change the fields available by Editing. Log out of CIPHR and back in again to see the report now available in the Reports menu.

We recognise the importance of a consistent look and feel to your documents and reports. We can help with the branding of your reports by incorporating logos, formatting reports with defined fonts and colours and creating style templates to fit with your brand values.

For more information please contact our Service Delivery team by emailing

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