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Ciphr’s onboarding system helps organisations and busy HR teams create personalised HR onboarding programmes that support and engage new hires from the moment they’ve signed the contract to their first days on the job.

Inform by sharing key information, educate with targeted content, making every employee feel welcomed, and engage with bespoke branding.

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Ciphr's onboarding software allows us to really drive that employee experience and engagement before people join us. It takes a lot of the admin and the paperwork out of those first days of the onboarding period, and helps ensure that new starters understand our mission and values.

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Employee Onboarding Software

Aid HR and onboarding by:

  • Engaging new hires before their first day
  • Inviting individuals to complete essential training and tasks before day one
  • Promoting your organisation’s vision and goals through multimedia content

Support new hire onboarding by:

  • Ensuring they receive timely, relevant information
  • Alleviating anxiety around starting a new job: share information about their new team and location
  • Enabling them to easily and securely share important information, such as bank details

Remote employee onboarding: get it right with Ciphr

First impressions count – none more so than when employees start a new job. Support your new starters – whether they work on site, remotely, or in a hybrid way – by connecting them to your organisation before their first day, with an online employee induction powered by Ciphr HR and onboarding.

With Ciphr HR and onboarding software, new starters are not bound to the office as they can access and sign all documents remotely, start to familiarise themselves with the organisation and get acquainted with their new colleagues.

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Implementation was such a smooth process and very well organised. Our project manager was fantastic. She made sure we kept on track, so much so that we finished the implementation a week in advance of the final deadline. All the consultants that we spoke to throughout the process were highly knowledgeable and happy to help us.

Communication that drives employee engagement

Once a new hire has received a job offer, there can sometimes be a fallow period, with little to no communication from HR – new starters can feel disengaged, or worried about the decision they’ve made.

With Ciphr’s automated employee onboarding software, you can keep in touch with new hires every step of the way. From exchanging important documentation to letting them know about key information, such as their starting date or equipment updates, employees always feel reassured and welcomed thanks to our online HR and onboarding software.

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“Our HR and onboarding hub includes lots of information about our organisation. It encourages new members of staff to take a look and see what our company is about. They can start to get to know our policies and procedures and also view staff benefits so that they are looking forward to joining.”

A seamless, integrated HR and onboarding experience

As well as being available as a standalone tool, Ciphr Onboarding also integrates with Ciphr’s people management solutions so your onboarding programme is fully joined up with your other HR processes.

Use Ciphr’s recruitment software for HR teams, Ciphr iRecruit, to discover and hire new talent, then transfer them to onboarding. Once onboarded, Ciphr’s HR software becomes your home for all people management activities and a single source of truth. Save time by inputting data into just one system, once, and create a frictionless digital employee experience with Ciphr’s integrated HR and onboarding solutions.

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Configurable online employee onboarding software

Create an exceptional onboarding experience even before day one by creating a tailored induction process for your new starters, based on their role, team, or even location.

You can configure Ciphr Onboarding with your branding and information, including pictures, videos, and documentation that is most relevant to your new starters – whichever team they’re joining.

Personalised HR and onboarding content

Onboarding software that simplifies new starter admin

Creating and compiling new starter welcome packs is a time-consuming, manual process. With staff online onboarding software from Ciphr, you can ensure new starters receive the right information and documentation, automatically, giving a great employee experience – even before their first day.

By providing new starters with a secure portal through which they can submit emergency contact information, bank details and essential documentation before their first day, you’ll empower them to hit the ground running and enjoy the best start to the latest chapter of their career.

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“Ciphr’s onboarding feature set it apart; I liked that new starters could access the platform before they became an employee – that they could sign their contract electronically, and view information about the company such as a welcome video from the CEO. These users can then easily be converted into a ‘normal’ Ciphr HR user and gain access to the full system on their first day.”

Employee onboarding software FAQs

Employee onboarding software helps organisations to engage with and inform new hires in the period between signing a contract and starting with their new employer. You can use it to share information about your business - its mission and values - and the new hire’s colleagues and working location. It can also be used to collect essential information (such as bank details) before their first day, and even to invite them to complete training. Employee onboarding software is crucial for engaging new talent and helping them to become productive members of your team as quickly as possible.

You can use employee onboarding software to design a personalised onboarding programme for a new starter - from the moment they sign their contract to their first day on the job - and monitor their completion of induction tasks.. It lets you share key information with new hires, educate them with targeted content, make them feel welcome, and create strong employee brand engagement early into their time with your organisation.

Organisations of every size and in every sector use onboarding software. However many employees you have, it’s the best way to keep control of the process, make sure every box is ticked, and maximise the chances of keeping the great hires you’ve worked so hard to recruit.

Digital employee onboarding is the same process you’d use to personally welcome a new hire, just done digitally. Digital tools can help you to standardise and tailor your onboarding processes - ensuring new hires all receive the same set of information and introductory tasks, while ensuring they are relevant to their role and area of the business. Having a consistent onboarding process plan - supported by employee onboarding software - helps to ensure everyone feels l informed, inspired, and welcomed.

It depends on the system you choose. The best providers will create a bespoke system to accommodate the way you do business, your employees’ expectations, and all the current rules, regulations and laws around HR onboarding processes.

Small businesses can use employee onboarding systems to streamline their onboarding process and capture important data. It’s so much more reliable than a manual system, saving time and effort informing, educating and engaging new hires before they start. Small business - with small HR teams, and busy managers - will reap the benefit of an onboarding system that frees up their time to focus on other tasks.

Good onboarding software is essential for engaging new hires and helping them become productive members of your team as quickly as possible. It’s vital to make sure that new hires feel welcomed into your organisation, complete important tasks (which may include providing bank details, booking holiday, and completing training activities), and understand your organisation’s mission and values. If your onboarding program integrates with your central HR system, your organisation will benefit from even greater efficiencies and a better employee experience.

The first few days and weeks a new hire spends in your organisation really matter: they set the tone for the rest of their career there, and may even determine if they decide to stay or leave. With longer notice periods becoming the norm, it can be difficult to keep new hires engaged with your company in the period between accepting a contract and starting their new role. A robust, comprehensive, engaging and standardised employee onboarding process helps to engage new hires and set them up for future success.

As a new hire you want to feel informed, inspired, appreciated, and welcomed. The best onboarding software lets employees achieve all this efficiently and effectively, and you’ll never drop the ball. New hires will enjoy a good, solid start to their career with you, and they’ll be more able to hit the ground running.

First impressions count, and these days everything is digital. Digital onboarding means new hires can access and sign important documents remotely, get familiar with the organisation and meet their new colleagues, immerse themselves in the brand, and do it all before they set foot in the building. Digital onboarding is essential for all types of worker - whether they work remotely, on-site or in a hybrid way, and if they are desk-based or not.

There are five types of onboarding. Operational onboarding simply means giving the employee the tools and equipment they need to do the job. Knowledge onboarding involves transferring knowledge to do with the role. Performance onboarding sets new hires short-term objectives to help them understand their new job. Social onboarding makes people feel involved and included, and talent onboarding is about understanding individuals’ skills, experience, and knowledge from the offset.