HR administration – read part one of ‘Good Work, Great Technology’ by Ciphr

HR administration – of personal data such as addresses and bank details; job records; and absence records – has been the bread and butter of HR software since its inception. So is there really anything new on the market when it comes to this most fundamental of tasks for HR technology?

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Actually, yes. As organisations are faced with a growing mix of disparate systems that all manage certain aspects of people data, there’s a need for truly integrated people management solutions that link all that data in a single, well-design, HR tech stack. That data is ripe for analysis, to help people teams and senior leaders understand what decisions need to be made, when – and what their impact is likely to be. At a time when remote and hybrid working is more commonplace than ever, there’s a clear role for technology to aid remote collaboration – with growing potential for HR teams to automate their most repetitive tasks. Finally, there’s payroll: an area of great complexity that technology can simplify, make more secure, and more accurate.

Download the first part of Good Work, Great Technology: Enabling strategic HR success through digital tools to discover how HR technology is changing the face of HR administration, including:

  • How should we integrate our HR systems?
  • Using people data for insight
  • How can technology help remote collaboration?
  • Embracing the benefits of automation
  • Getting pay and reward right

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This is an extract from Good Work, Great Technology, a 2022 book from Ciphr, written by award-winning journalist Jo Faragher.

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