Employee engagement and experience – read part three of ‘Good Work, Great Technology’ by Ciphr

There are lots of tools on the HR software market that purport to solve the challenge of employee engagement and employee experience once and for all. But what technology will actually move the dial and create an organisation – and organisational culture – that helps its people be happy and productive?

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We assess the tools that will help you understand your people’s wants and needs – including employee surveys, sentiment analysis, and network mapping – as well as those that will that impact how they work, including wellbeing tools, collaboration platforms, and consumerised interfaces, such as Amazon’s Alexa.

Download the third part of Good Work, Great Technology: Enabling strategic HR success through digital tools to discover how HR technology is changing the world of employee engagement and employee experience, including:

  • The evolution of employee surveys
  • Sentiment analysis in the workplace
  • Network mapping
  • What works for wellbeing
  • Engagement and collaboration platforms
  • Will Alexa be your next co-worker?

Download part three      →

This is an extract from Good Work, Great Technology, a 2022 book from Ciphr, written by award-winning journalist Jo Faragher.

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