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How Ciphr HR can help charities and non profits

Ciphr’s cloud-based human resources (HR) software helps charities stay connected and work efficiently when they need to most – even when operating remotely.

Why staff and volunteers will love Ciphr HR:

  • Manage, maintain, and view their own information (including personal details and online payslips)
  • Access software from anywhere, at any time on their mobile phone
  • Understand the culture, brand, and values of the charity

Why HR teams will love Ciphr HR:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Streamline and automate process
  • Attract, retain, and reward top talent
  • Gain a holistic perspective of people and performance through data

Empower staff with HR software for non profits

Empower your workforce to manage, maintain and update their personal information with Ciphr HR’s self-service facilities.

Ciphr HR can be accessed anywhere thanks to its mobile-friendly capabilities, ensuring staff who are away from their desks can use the software as easily as if they were on a computer.

All staff members can request holiday, enter absences, and update their personal information, with manager and HR verification, through Ciphr HR, reducing the administrative burden on HR teams and increasing staff engagement.

Mobile HR software
“The clear understanding of HR challenges by Ciphr’s representatives demonstrated a comprehensive grasp of our needs and how the system could effectively solve our HR-related issues.

Easily manage absences

From sickness to holidays or annual leave, you can easily manage absences for all of your staff with the absence management tools within Ciphr’s HR software.

Staff can see who else is off in their team, function, or wider organisation, log absences of various types, including holiday or annual leave, and sickness absence, and HR managers can view, verify and report on sickness and holiday. For employees on a flexible work pattern, Ciphr HR also allows them to select which days and hours they were absent, so managers can easily track and manage absences.

Absence HR software

“Last year it took us about two-and-a-half months to manually calculate annual leave and add in bank holidays for all our part-time worker records. So, we worked with Ciphr to design and customise a report, which means, this year, it took us two-and-a-half hours to do the final calculations, with bank holiday adjustments already included in the total. It’s brilliant.”

Build a high-performance workplace

Is your workforce struggling to stay motivated and engaged? With Ciphr HR, you can manage staff performance reviews, objectives, skills, and development needs, and help them become happier at work.

Any objectives you have for volunteers or employees can be linked to the wider goals of the charity, and by identifying and anticipating staff training needs, you can ensure that the skills of your workforce grow along with your charity.

Build a high-performance workplace using HR software

Learn and grow with detailed reporting

Make better, more timely and informed decisions for your charity with the reporting functionality available in Ciphr HR. Report on all people data held in our HR software and any linked systems, and save time on manual data collation.

Ciphr’s gender pay gap reporting functionality also provides you with the reports you need to meet the UK government’s reporting requirements (mandatory for organisations with more than 250 employees).

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Improve employee and volunteer engagement

Show your staff that you value them by asking them to report their mood via Ciphr’s sentiment analysis. They can select one of five emoticons that best represents how they feel, and your HR team can take appropriate action if employee sentiment is low.

Ciphr’s organisation chart functionality displays your organisation’s structure in a graphical format, enabling new staff members to easily understand the structure of your organisation. Decide how many levels to view at any one time – making it simple for new volunteers, managers, and employees to review charts and understand reporting lines, and for HR users and senior managers to identify gaps in your workforce.


“The great thing with Ciphr HR – especially for charities – is that it does the basics really well, and you can get up and running with it without too much experience. But when you want to start working with it in more complex ways, it can expand with you.”

Easily comply with regulatory requirements

Ciphr HR’s safeguarding functionality enables you to comply with regulatory requirements quickly and easily by storing and reviewing employment checks in one place.

You can create and retrieve information about employee and volunteer checks to comply with regulatory requirements. Once set up, you can instantly view a staff list and information about checks completed for each individual.

This flexible system enables you to record details of any kind of check, for any worker or volunteer, including:

  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks
  • Right-to-work checks
  • Reference checks
  • Passport checks

Against each check, you can record the validity of checks, expiry dates, relevant documents, and any other pertinent information.

Automated background checking system

Integrate with the applications you already use

You can choose to integrate Ciphr HR with software from our trusted partners via an Application Programming Interface (API) key which enables data to be sent from Ciphr HR to other systems and to be received by Ciphr HR from other systems.

For example, you can use Ciphr’s API to integrate with a range of rostering and workforce management solutions, helping you track time, attendance, and scheduling for all types of staff; employee engagement tools; and benefits platforms.

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Prioritise your team’s learning and development

Are your staff aware of recent changes to working practices? Are they eager to improve their skills and knowledge? With Ciphr’s learning management system (LMS), a single, self-service platform for all your learning content, you can help staff improve their knowledge and skills, and allow them to grow even during challenging times.

We also offer a range of eLearning courses and content from Marshall E-Learning, part of Ciphr Group, which can be added directly to your LMS. Topics range from diversity and inclusion to compliance, management development and more, with both off-the-shelf packs and courses tailored to your charity’s needs available.


Branding Ciphr HR gave staff an instant feeling that the system belonged. We saw much greater engagement with the system from all departments.”

What is the role of HR software for charities?

HR teams in charities regularly face complex challenges, including a lack of financial resources and having to ensure collaboration between employees and volunteers. With HR software, however, HR teams can save time on administrative tasks around managing staff and volunteers and improve efficiency across the entire organisation.

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    HR software for charities FAQs

    Charities and non-profit organisations require HR software with cloud-based flexibility, tailored features (scheduling, attendance, etc.), UK GDPR compliance and safeguarding support. Selecting such software enhances efficiency and compliance in charities and non-profit operations.

    Benefits to HR teams in charities include securely-controlled access to sensitive data, accessible employee scheduling and shift management and enhanced compliance including GDPR and safeguarding.

    Ciphr's HR systems benefit charity employees with upskilling via LMS, on-the-go timesheet submission and easy access to HR information, enhancing efficiency and employee experience.