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Why choose Ciphr's outsourced payroll services?

  • The cost per employee per transaction can be less than the cost of a dedicated in-house payroll resource and helps to mitigate risk
  • Pensions auto-enrolment is fully automated and configured to meet the needs of your scheme’s provider
  • Payroll cut-off date is closer to pay day, giving you more time to verify changes – improving the accuracy of your pay run
  • Payroll cycles include multiple review points, giving you control without the burden of admin work
  • Gives your HR team more capacity to work on crucial strategic projects instead of managing payroll admin
  • Helps you better comply with legislative changes
  • Our systems and processes are ISO 27001 certified, giving you peace of mind about the security of your data

Features and benefits of our outsourced payroll solution

Bureau and fully-managed outsourced payroll service options

HMRC-recognised, Microsoft tested, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified


Bacs submission via our Bacs-approved bureau to employees, HMRC and third parties

Payroll cost journal export

Online post-update reports

We act as your
PAYE-registered agent office for HMRC

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Outsourced payroll FAQs

What happens when you outsource payroll?

Payroll outsourcing means hiring a third-party payroll service to deal with the payroll for you. They make sure all of your outgoing payments are made on time, and made according to people’s contracts. Payments are accurate and comply with the relevant tax and employment laws and regulations. And they’ll ensure all the right paperwork is generated.

What is meant by outsourcing payroll?

Payroll outsourcing means taking on an external firm or person to handle all your payroll functions. It’s designed to save time and money by cutting the number of trained in-house payroll staff you need. The supplier will have all the right software, and will make sure you comply with the latest PAYE and other legislation.

What are the pros and cons of outsourcing payroll?

There are many advantages to outsourcing payroll: you won’t need to employ payroll staff (saving money) or worry about your payroll worker being on holiday or ill at a critical point in the payroll cycle; and you’ll have confidence that your pay runs comply with all relevant legislation and are accurate. Some organisations might feel out of control by outsourcing their payroll, however, an outsourced payroll supplier should give you the option to check the pay run before it is made. 

What should organisations look out for when they outsource their payroll function?

You need professional support from the company you outsource your payroll function to. It involves being accurate, and it’s best to find a company with experience. High levels of IT security are a must, and it helps if they’re approachable as well. Value for money always matters, and testimonials are an excellent way to know when an external payroll provider is worth working with.

Why outsource payroll?

Outsource your payroll when you’re not 100% confident you can do it yourself, or if you want to focus on other goals.. Maybe you don’t employ the right kind of expertise, or can’t afford to. Either way, it’s vital to get payroll right every time. An external supplier could be exactly what you need to save money on payroll, get it done quickly and efficiently, get it right every time, and comply with all the relevant rules, regulations and laws.

What is payroll outsourcing?

Payroll outsourcing simply involves handing over the responsibility for payroll to someone else, usually a specialist outsourced payroll provider.

How much does it cost to outsource payroll?

The cost of outsourcing payroll depends on what you need. The best providers will create a bespoke system to dovetail with the way you do business, your employees’ expectations, and all the current rules, regulations and laws around payroll payment. The price will depend on the provider, how many employees you have, the duration of their contracts and the functionality you want. Ideally they’ll have a demo for you to explore.