Integrated HR and payroll: what’s right for you?

About this webinar

Choosing the right setup for your HR and payroll operations is essential for the smooth running of your people team, and making sure that your employees are paid on time, every time.

But the array of options on the market can be bewildering, and make it hard for you to choose the right setup for your organisation. Join Ciphr’s experts as we explain the pros and cons of options such as integrated HR and payroll software, outsourced payroll, and payroll bureau services.

This webinar covers:

  • The challenges UK organisations face in setting up and optimising their HR and payroll software and operations
  • The role of great technology and working with an expert provider, in getting payroll operations right
  • Options for integrating Ciphr’s HR software with payroll software – such as direct integration with Ciphr’s own payroll software and paylink integration
  • How to understand a payroll provider’s different services, and the pros and cons of each – including payroll software (fully within your control), outsourced payroll and payroll bureau services
  • Why you should choose to work with Ciphr for your payroll needs
  • Q&A

Your hosts
  • Jacqui Whyman, account development manager, Ciphr
  • Jon Lee, head of payroll bureau services, Ciphr
  • Cathryn Newbery, head of content marketing, Ciphr (moderator)