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FairHQ & Ciphr: DE&I software to elevate HR

We’ve joined forces with DE&I software specialists FairHQ to deliver research- and data-backed solutions that help make your workplace fairer.


About FairHQ

FairHQ is a DE&I tech platform that helps organisations become more successful by improving diversity, equality and inclusion through data and technology.  Their methodologies and products are built on the foundation of 1,500+ scientific studies, industry benchmarks, and behavioural science.  

The platform is designed to equip HR leaders with DE&I maturity assessments, GDPR-compliant data collection, actionable and science-backed interventions, and a streamlined approach to measure, track and elevate their DE&I strategy. 

We are proud to partner with FairHQ to offer a tech-based solution to a people-based problem.


About us

We’re HR’s biggest cheerleaders. Our intelligent tech solutions, spanning across HR software, payroll, LMS and recruitment, help HR teams work friction-free while providing human insight. We amplify HR’s voice and value to make sure people feel seen, heard and important.  

Partnering with FairHQ takes our tech solution one step further: we’re joining forces with leading DE&I technology that has helped customers improve their DE&I by an average of 10-20% in under 24 months.* 

Our goal? To provide first-class solutions using innovative software to meet the needs of growing organisations across the UK.  

Human solutions for HR people

We’re HR people. We know the challenges you face, and the importance of overcoming them. Our HR software is a trusted solution that enables people and talent teams to manage their workforce better. By partnering with FairHQ, we offer a modern solution to help you transform the way you bring DE&I to life. Boldly enact change that helps you amplify your organisational culture: one that values people for their differences.


Partnering with Ciphr and FairHQ: joining up HR and DE&I solutions

  • Appropriate for growing organisations that are new to DE&I 
  • Pairs perfectly with Ciphr HR software – a complete tech solution that amplifies HR, and helps you put your people first 
  • Based on science – organisations can identify DE&I risks from over 1,000 data points 
  • Secure, GDPR-compliant, and academically validated DE&I surveys uncover true employee sentiment 
  • Understand how to create an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace for a growing cohort of millennial and Gen Z employees 
  • Actionable next steps to guide you through the process of identifying DE&I issues, and implementing real change

Nine DE&I challenges our partnership with FairHQ can help you solve:


1. Limited time and resources

The responsibility to get DE&I right often sits with already-stretched HR teams. With competing deadlines and limited specialist knowledge, it’s an ambitious goal. Our partnership with FairHQ will help you streamline DE&I without increasing headcount.


2. New territory for HR teams

DE&I is a fairly new domain that has fallen under HR. Understandably, many teams are worried about making mistakes. FairHQ and Ciphr have partnered to bring you specialist knowledge across HR and DE&I to help you navigate this new territory with confidence.


3. No clear definition of what DE&I means, or how to measure it

“You can only improve what you measure.” Beyond ‘obvious’ diversity initiatives, many organisations are unsure how to define and implement effective DE&I. Our partnership with FairHQ will help you understand what effective DE&I looks like for you, and help you understand the metrics that matter most. Tell an authentic DE&I story with objective metrics that showcase real progress.


4. It’s harder to attract and retain today’s talent pool

Millennials and Gen Z make up a growing majority of today’s workforce (up to 75% by 2025**). If your organisation doesn’t appeal to this talent pool, finding and hiring (and retaining) top talent becomes an uphill battle. Work with us to find out how you can bring about exceptional DE&I initiatives that make your employer brand stand out from the crowd.


5. Calling out (and fixing) bias in employee management

Shining a light on biased internal processes and policies, including hiring, promotions and pay, can be tricky. The vast HR and DE&I expertise delivered by FairHQ and Ciphr’s experts will help you understand where (and what) your biases are, as well as how you can remedy them.


6. The pressure is on

Feeling the pressure to propel environmental, social, and governance (ESG)? Responsible investing includes transparency, and a commitment to meeting ESG standards. Choose FairHQ and Ciphr to help you win this battle: effectively showcase the meaningful ways your organisation embodies the values investors hold dear.


7. Lack of leadership buy-in and low engagement with DE&I

Will your commercial strategy have any impact without C-suite and leadership buy-in? Of course not – and it’s the same with DE&I. Leadership buy-in is key to the success of any DE&I strategy. Our partnership will enable you to rally the leadership team behind DE&I using objective data and benchmarks to drive their attention and engagement.


8. Where do you fit in?

Ever wondered how your DE&I measures up against peers and across the wider industry? Benchmarking how you compare to industry peers is one of the ways FairHQ and Ciphr work to help you bridge the gap, set future goals, and embed DE&I into your core values.


9. And lastly, how does DE&I fit you?

DE&I is not a one-size-fits-all all solution. Similar to the Net Carbon Zero strategy***, each organisation needs their own unique DE&I strategy that evolves with them. It needs to respect your size, location, industry and speed of growth. With our partnership, you can expect a tailored solution that considers your unique circumstances from every angle. No more guesswork, just proven interventions that, quite simply, work.

Our commitment to you

Whether you’re new to DE&I, or looking to streamline your existing strategy — we’ve got you covered. When you choose Ciphr and FairHQ, you can look forward to: 

  • Your Fractional Head of DE&I to guide and lead your team step-by-step 
  • All-in-one DE&I data reporting and management tool  
  • DE&I audit looking for biases and opportunities in your processes and policies 
  • GDPR-compliant DE&I employee surveys uncovering sentiment and experience gaps 
  • Benchmark your DEI maturity against peers 
  • Personalised, science-led DE&I strategy 
  • Annual PDF reports showcasing progress to your board, investors and ESGs 
  • And the support of HR and DE&I professionals, committed to helping you create a happy workforce for every employee 

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*Data source: FairHQ

** Data source: Forbes

*** Data source: Net Carbon Zero strategy

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