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Why switching to payrolling benefits in kind could be right for you

Ciphr and TrustID: right to work checks and digital ID verification

Employment law update – with Ciphr and Shoosmiths

Top 10 HR system selection mistakes – and how to avoid them

Technology alone won’t solve your EX problem – so what will?

Level up your learning with Ciphr LMS: Boss level – on-the-job training

Engagement and personalisation with Ciphr LMS

Level up your learning with Ciphr LMS: The rules of (learner) engagement

Process management with Ciphr LMS

Level up your learning with Ciphr LMS: It’s a process

Ciphr LMS blended learning

Level up your learning with Ciphr LMS: Break away from tradition with blended learning

Level up your learning with Ciphr LMS: Analyse this

Level up your learning with Ciphr LMS: Let’s get social

Ciphr employee conference 2022

Using people analytics to improve the employee experience

Setting up new starters for success: secrets for better onboarding​

Humans, not resources: tips for creating an employee-centred experience at work

Out of the office: what does it mean to be a ‘hybrid’ people professional?

Ciphr HR’s communications tool

Ciphr Connect multi-factor authentication

How integrated HR and payroll could transform your organisation in 2021

How Ciphr Connect automates background checks for a better hiring experience

How to prepare for off-payroll working (IR35) changes

How integrated systems could transform your HR team

Talent management and succession planning functionality

Why brilliant onboarding matters and how Ciphr can help

Ciphr iRecruit

How HR teams can develop a culture of listening before it’s too late

The fear of the new normal – what is the role of HR and health and safety teams?

How HR can successfully implement flexible working systems in the new normal

Should social media checks play a part in HR and recruitment processes?

Why customisable learning in Ciphr LMS is key to unlocking L&D

Finding the ideal HR system for your needs and getting buy in

What will employee experience look like in the hybrid world of work?

Finance and HR: working together in harmony thanks to technology

ERP or best-of-breed HR software: what’s right for you?

Ensuring employee confidence in health and safety through technology

Introducing Ciphr Connect – HR solutions and payroll integration

Choosing the right HR software for your growing organisation

Why integrated HR and recruitment systems are essential for candidate experience

How Ciphr LMS helps United Welsh stay connected with its people

Introducing Ciphr Payroll

IR35 regulations – who’s in, and who’s out?

How to benchmark HR software

Applying the SMCR – tips and guidance for HR teams

Background checks and pre-employment screening

Why your job adverts are broken – and how to fix them

How to improve your gender pay gap reporting process

How employee benefits technology saves money and improves engagement

Common HR system selection mistakes – and how to avoid them

How to make digital transformation a success

How to get started with continuous performance management

How to improve your candidate experience, with Thrivemap

Building a case for electronic right to work checks, with TrustID

Why HR should get involved with workplace gamification, with Play Consulting

Five ways expenses are costing you money, with webexpenses

How to unlock employee productivity through better data, with hfx

The changing health and safety landscape, with SHE Software

The seven drivers of career wellbeing, with Abintegro

The benefits of always-on engagement, with Thymometrics

Welsh Language Standards, with LinguaSkin

How social media can enhance your employer brand, with M2 Bespoke

Working with Ciphr

Ciphr: Best-of-breed approach to software

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