Trust. Accountability.
Drive. Authenticity.

Life at Ciphr

Meet our people

Do you have what we’re looking for?

Ciphr is looking for proactive, talented people who share our passion for providing HR software and services. We want to continue to expand our growing workforce with creative professionals who can add value and originality to our teams. Employees need to be dedicated to providing top-quality services and have the ability to develop a wide understanding of key HR issues and what Ciphr does to resolve them.

Our values:


We seek to build trust in every relationship


We take ownership and hold ourselves accountable


We are motivated and driven to succeed


We value and embrace authenticity

Ciphr employees tend to stick with us for the long term – testament to our employment practices and opportunities for development. We’re committed to developing talent, encouraging our employees to take on challenges, and growing their input into the business.

Working life at Ciphr

We firmly believe that hard work and enthusiasm should be rewarded. We have a strong focus on career progression and offer our employees fantastic opportunities to develop internally.

Get involved in some of our regular social events, from our dinner parties to our weekly seven-a-side football matches. We have also host charity bake offs, football sweepstakes and team outings.

Latest Vacancies

We’re always on the lookout for top talent: view the full list of current vacancies here.

Our happy people

We believe in paying employees their true worth, and to do this we like to meet you before determining a post’s salary. This allows us to find out where you will fit within our team and what strengths you can bring to Ciphr.

We offer our employees an extensive range of benefits, including private medical care, a healthcare cash plan, dental cover, pension and a generous holiday entitlement.

“Fantastic company to work for, fantastic growth, exciting company and a warm, working environment!”
"Ciphr nailed it. Meetings with the existing staff and to meet the other newbies was great. No complaints!”
“I was apprehensive to join remotely, however, Ciphr gave me such a warm welcome”

Note To Recruitment Agencies

Ciphr do not accept speculative CVs from Recruitment Agencies. Please never send us CVs unless we have explicitly requested your company specifically to do so in respect of a specific vacancy.

For the avoidance of doubt any unsolicited CVs sent by your company to us – that is to say, in any situation where we have not directly engaged your company in writing to supply candidates for a specific vacancy – will be deleted in line with our Privacy Notice, leaving us liable for no fees whatsoever should we choose to engage the candidate’s services. In addition, it will in no way establish any prior claim by your company to representation of that candidate should the candidate’s details also be submitted by any other party.

In order to engage with Ciphr in relation to any future opportunities we have please contact [email protected].

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