Festive fun: Can you spot all 10 differences in this Christmas brainteaser?

A tricky new festive brainteaser is leaving puzzlers baffled as they struggle to spot the 10 differences between these two Christmas office scenes. Can you find them all?

This fun ‘spot the difference’ puzzle from HR software provider Ciphr will really test your observation skills. Some differences are immediately obvious, while others are more subtle and much harder to identify. It takes most people over four minutes to solve.

Can you beat that time? Give it a try.

Christmas spot the difference brainteaser

There are 10 differences between the two images – can you spot them all?

Christmas spot the difference brainteaser

Can you spot the 10 differences in this holiday-themed office scene? Credit: Ciphr.com

How did you do?

As a bonus challenge, there’s also a Christmas elf hiding somewhere in the office.

Need a hint? – The elf looks good in green.

Are you ready for the answers?

This answer key reveals the 10 differences between the images (and where the elf was hiding). Did you spot them all?

The 10 differences are:

  1. The time on the office clock has changed
  2. Santa and his reindeer have disappeared
  3. A snowflake in the ‘Merry Christmas’ sign is missing
  4. A light is missing from around the top of the office window
  5. A smoke cloud is missing from one of the chimneys (second house on the left)
  6. Light is shining through two upstairs windows instead of just one (first house on the left)
  7. A red bauble has changed to blue on the Christmas tree
  8. Part of the desk light’s reflection is missing from the back of the computer screen
  9. Two fairy lights are missing from the Christmas tree
  10. A polka dot is missing from one of the Christmas presents in the bottom left corner

Why not share the holiday fun and challenge your family and friends to beat your time on this spot the difference puzzle?