Background checks

Employee background checking software

Identity and background checks

Identity and background checks

Our integration with Experian means that the checks, once instigated, are seamless and your records are automatically updated with the results, reducing admin and increasing your efficiency while ensuring your employee checks are always up to date and accurate.

For HR:

  • Quickly create and submit identity and background checks
  • View reports and dashboards with a history of checks
  • Control the frequency for recurring checks for existing employees
  • Automate actions and notifications depending on the outcome of a check
  • Ensure compliance with documentation and records that are accurate and up to date

For employees and candidates:

  • Checks conducted with Experian, a trusted brand for employee screening
  • Free access to Experian’s support desk
  • Experience a secure, streamlined application process
  • View the status and progress of checks that are underway

Slick, professional candidate experience

Save time from manually requesting checks and entering the results with Ciphr’s identity and background checks, which integrates with Ciphr iRecruit, our applicant tracking system (ATS). Configure your pre-employment checks for every job role so that your candidate experience is professional, secure, and your people data is accurate at all times.

Build background and identity checks into every application and carry these out through Ciphr’s dedicated identity checks platform. Once you’re in the identity checking software, you can request various checks, at the level required for the role. The candidates will receive access to an Experian portal to complete the necessary information and upload supporting documentation. Once the results are known, the data is fed back to Ciphr iRecruit.

Employee checks

A choice of identity and background checks

With Ciphr’s identity and background checks functionality, and the integration with Experian, you can choose from a full range of employment background checks, including:

Identity checks

– enables you to check that the candidate is indeed who they say they are.

Adverse financial checks

– understand whether a candidate has any financial mismanagement.

Criminal record checks

– choose from standard or enhanced DBS checks, for safeguarding.

Reference checks

– confirm a candidate’s employment history and education, including self-employment and gap analysis checks.

Validation checks

– understand any potential risks to your organisation with validation checks, including directorship, sanctions, media, FCA and DVLA checks.

Occupational history checks

– verify your candidate’s occupational history, including all periods of employment, self-employment and unemployment.

Reference checks

Connected systems working seamlessly as a whole

Keying candidate data can make recruitment processes slow and inefficient, especially if you’re hiring for multiple positions at the same time. Ciphr Connect, Ciphr’s HCM platform, frees up your time with a single source of truth for all your people data. Integration helps to speed up your processes, maximising your chances to hire and retain top talent.

Full integration between Ciphr and Experian with single sign-on means that you no longer have to remember multiple logins and the data is automatically pulled across from Ciphr’s identity and background checks platform to Experian. For auditing purposes, you can produce a history of all the checks that you have carried out.


View and report on your progress

Ciphr’s identity and background checks portal enables you to view the progress of all your checks at any time. Once the checks are complete, the reports from Experian are available to HR to view in the portal. If you prefer a visual representation of your progress, so you can spot any gaps or trends, you can view dedicated identity and background checks dashboards which present a high-level overview.

Ciphr’s identity and background checks portal

What is employee background checking software?

Traditionally, identity and background checks software has been invaluable to the education sector, to ensure high standards of safeguarding are attained, as well as any job where candidates may deal with sensitive data. But it has also been used to verify identity and run candidate background checks, to prevent any unnecessary delays in the hiring process.

Usability is a key factor when selecting a system, as HR teams look to carry out multiple background checks without having to key the same data multiple times in different systems.

pre employment background check
Ciphr iRecruit

“The implementation of Ciphr iRecruit has been a smooth process and has streamlined the way that things are done here.”

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