Equality and diversity eLearning: Equality, diversity and inclusion pack

About our equality and diversity eLearning modules

The equality, diversity and inclusion eLearning pack offers a wide range of training modules that are essential for promoting a positive workplace culture.

From sexual harassment to race, these courses delve into the complexities of bias, aggression and inequality. Learners will gain valuable insights and practical strategies to actively combat discrimination and create a more inclusive environment.

Pack includes

Equality, diversity and inclusion

This course offers extensive coverage of diversity, equality and equal opportunities, encompassing topics such as stereotyping, harassment, bias, legal liability and how to address unacceptable behaviour

Menopause at work

A course providing best practices for employers to provide the right support to employees going through menopause, with the goal of increasing awareness and staff retention, motivation, and loyalty

Let’s talk about race in the workplace

This training course teaches learners about the ingrained inequality and inadvertent bias present in organisational and societal structures, empowering them to actively combat racial bias and promote inclusivity within their organisations

Conscious inclusion at work

This course explores what unconscious bias is and how it works, unconscious bias in relation to key aspects of the employment lifecycle, and steps you can take to manage and reduce bias within the workplace

Sexual harassment

This course gives staff with the necessary knowledge and tools to identify, report and resolve instances of sexual harassment in the workplace

Neurodiversity at work

Gain a deep understanding of neurodiversity in the workplace. This course covers hiring practices, legal considerations, practical support and inclusive management, providing you with the knowledge and insights to be an effective and inclusive colleague

Bullying and harassment

This course delves into the importance of addressing bullying and harassment in the workplace, covering its effects on both individuals and organisations, reduction strategies, and an overview of relevant legislation. Separate versions for staff and managers are available

Micro behaviours

Learners will gain the knowledge needed to recognise several types of microaggressions and comprehend their workplace implications, fostering a non-threatening and respectful environment

Insiders and outsiders: how micro-behaviours affect the workplace

This immersive training experience explores the impact of micro-inequities and unconscious bias on team dynamics, wellbeing, creativity and productivity, empowering learners to understand, recognise and mitigate bias through interactive storytelling and decision-making simulations

Becoming an inclusive organisation

This training course provides managers with the essential knowledge and practical skills to implement inclusive practices in day-to-day management, covering topics such as team collaboration, inclusive recruitment, emotional intelligence and conflict management

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“A real champion of the sector, Davids continued dedication to excellence in Diversity & Equality clearly shows through when speaking to people who have taken one of his training courses. His reputation continues to grow in the sector as more and more companies and leaders hear about his work. Its been a pleasure when Ive had the opportunity to work alongside him and I look forward to David continuing to learn, grow and give back to the Diversity & Equality community as he progresses.”