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Ciphr’s eRecruitment and onboarding solutions make it easier for you to attract, hire and bring top-quality talent into your organisation

Online Recruitment Software

Store essential policies and information in
one place


Publish vacancies to multiple websites,
agencies & social media

Create a talent pool for the future

A seamless candidate experience

Make candidates feel at home right from their initial application all the way through to their induction, thanks to our online recruitment solution, Ciphr iRecruit, and Ciphr’s onboarding functions.

  • Tailor application forms and processes
  • Help new starters familiarise themselves with your organisation
  • Fully customisable with your branding
  • Enable new hires to complete admin before their first day
What they say
Our spend was about 70% higher than it is today.”

Implementing Ciphr has significantly reduced our recruitment costs. Previously, when 90% of our recruitment was done through agencies, our spend was about 70% higher than it is today.

Online Recruitment

Enhance your reputation as an employer and impress applicants with our intuitive recruitment software, Ciphr iRecruit, which is fully customisable to reflect your organisation’s branding.

Our tools make it easy to publish vacancies to multiple website, job boards, agencies and social media channels; capture CVs; filter applications; and capture a talent pool of potential candidates for future roles.

Video screening

Ciphr video screening is the flexible, efficient way for busy HR professionals to identify top applicants

Ciphr video screening takes the convenience of remote interviewing to the next level. Simply invite candidates to participate, and through the intuitive self-service portal they’ll be able to record short answers to questions you’ve specified. Review and compare candidates’ responses whenever and wherever suits you to determine who progresses to the next stage of your hiring process.

  • Cost-effective way to identify the best candidates
  • Flexibility for you and for candidates: videos can be recorded and watched anytime, anywhere, on an internet-connected device
  • Quickly compare, score and rate candidates’ responses
  • Integrates with Ciphr iRecruit, or your chosen applicant tracking system (ATS)


A badly designed induction process can be the precursor to poor engagement and a short working relationship. Make the best possible start to your organisation’s relationship with a new hire with Ciphr’s onboarding functionality, which will help you inform, educate and engage new employees – even before their first day. Choose to customise your onboarding hub with company branding, videos, presentations and social media to help new starters feel connected to your organisation.

Automated background checks

When you’re hiring to fill a vacancy, a speedy and seamless candidate experience is just one way to stand out from competitors and make sure you have your first pick of candidates.

Ciphr identity and background checks integrates with our applicant tracking system (ATS), Ciphr iRecruit, to automatically identify candidates that require checks to be carried out at a specific stage of the recruitment process and initiate the checking process. Checks are then carried out by our partner, Experian, with the results imported back into Ciphr identity and background checks and Ciphr iRecruit.

  • Configure which checks are carried out for which candidates or vacancies, and at what stage of the hiring process
  • Choose to advance candidates automatically to the next recruitment stage if checks are successful
  • Creates a full, digital, secure history of all checks carried out – and their results
  • Automated workflows ensure checks are carried out consistently
  • Helps you deliver the slick, efficient recruitment process that candidates expect

Spend your time on what really matters

Let Ciphr iRecruit and Ciphr’s onboarding functionality take the strain so you spend less time on paperwork and more time selecting the best possible candidate.

In-house, bureau or fully-managed service

All options are backed by team of payroll professionals

Seamless HR-payroll data integration

Data entered into Ciphr is passed directly to payroll

Online payslips, P60s, P11Ds, and P45s

Employees can access documents anytime, anywhere

Suite of reports

Including payroll cost journal export and Bacs listing report

RTI and pensions auto enrolment enabled

Fully automated and configured to meet the needs of your pension providers and schemes

Download tax notices direct from HMRC

No need to manually re-key data

Integrates with other third-party apps

Such as time and attendance software, improving speed and accuracy further

Fully accredited

HMRC recognised payroll software
BACS approved bureau

eRecruitment FAQs

What is online recruitment software?

Online recruitment software is a digital application designed to help organisations hire qualified people more quickly and efficiently. It’s so much faster and more effective than reading through tens or even hundreds of covering letters and CVs. The tools quickly analyse candidate data to suggest the best people with the most relevant experience and qualifications.  All this helps make HR recruiters more efficient and, ultimately, reduces expensive employee churn. Online recruitment software also stores applicant data securely, helping you comply with the GDPR and also create a talent pool that you can refer back to for future vacancies.

Which platform is best for recruitment?

There’s a wide choice of recruitment platforms out there. They’re all designed to support talent and recruitment. The right platform for you will depend on the size of your organisation, the volume of roles you need to fill, the volume of applications you receive, and your goals for your recruitment process. You might want to look for recruitment software that helps you manage candidate relationships, enables video interviews, and integrates with job boards for more efficient advertising, among other features. 

What is e-recruitment?

E-recruitment takes the whole process of employing a new member of staff online. Usually cloud-based, recruitment software harnesses web-based resources and other tech to find, attract, interview, and take on new people. It’s designed to make every step of the recruiting process both more efficient and less costly, and to do such a good job that employee retention rates rise.

Why is online recruitment cost effective?

The innovative technology used by online recruitment streamlines the hiring process, which saves money. It also reduces employee churn to save more money. The fast CV search it provides. The  focus on candidate skills, work experience, and education. The sheer amount of data that can be searched in no time. It all adds up to an easier, quicker recruitment process resulting in better candidates who love their roles and stay long term.

What is the difference between online recruitment and traditional methods?

If you want speed and efficiency, choose online recruitment. It’s faster than traditional recruitment methods, which means you’ll find the best people in no time. This saves you money as well as time, freeing up your HR experts to handle the all-important interview stages of the process. Nowadays, candidates will expect your organisation to accept digital applications through an online portal – and not to have to send an email or letter.

Why do we need recruitment software?

Filling just one role properly, with the perfect person, can eat up so much time. We need recruitment software to grab the best candidates while they’re still available, and weed out unsuitable people fast. The software eats through huge amounts of data, much more easily than an HR expert could wade through CVs and covering letters. And it uses keywords and phrases intelligently to pin down the perfect people. Your HR people are free to use their great interpersonal skills for the actual interviews, rather than spending endless time creating a shortlist. 


Nationally, key challenges for the teaching profession include recruitment and retention of staff – particularly of teaching staff in hard to recruit for subjects. Ciphr and Ciphr iRecruit give us a really useful opportunity to streamline the application process for candidates and make sure – whether or not somebody is actually recruited – they have a positive experience with us.