ERP solution or best-of-breed HR software: what’s right for me?




The journey of choosing new people technology can be a long one, especially if you don’t know which system to go with. Whether you eventually opt for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution or a best-of-breed human capital management (HCM) system, organisations need to discover which system works best for them and understand the limitations and advantages of each.

An ERP solution is provided by a single vendor and has a single database, while a best-of-breed system means working with specialist software providers who have niche expertise developing solutions to answer a specific set of problems.

While the definitions set out the clear differences between the two types of systems, a greater level of knowledge and understanding about these systems is needed. This guide – written by the experts at Phase3, an independent HR and payroll consulting and services provider – supports buyers by giving practical advice and guidance on the key differences between these types of solutions, including:

  • How to understand your organisation’s position in the HR tech marketplace
  • The advantages and limitations of both systems
  • The factors you need to consider before making a choice