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Plan and track
L&D activities

Customisable branding

Support your company culture

Designing your HR software to truly feel like part of your organisation can help to enhance your employer brand, reinforce your values and improve employees’ uptake of self-service HR functions.

So make Ciphr HR your own with our configurable, branded interface. Choose to embed videos and social media feeds, add your logo and other imagery related to your organisation, and select colours that mirror your employer or customer-facing branding.

“Branding Ciphr HR gave staff an instant feeling that the system belonged. We saw much greater engagement with the system from all departments.”

– United Welsh

Self-service HR software
What they say
Our users now take
responsibility for their own details.”

Our users now take responsibility for their own details. We always know exactly where we are with staff information.”

Blandy & Blandy

Self-service HR software

Improve core people management processes

Streamline administration, reduce costs, improve data accuracy and support employee engagement through Ciphr HR’s comprehensive, self-service people management system.

Empower employees to request holidays, enter absences and update their personal information, with the manager and HR verification.

Absence management

Identify and monitor absence levels

Ciphr enables employees to easily see who is off, view and request holiday, log absences and upload supporting documents.

HR and managers can view, verify and report on absence, sickness and holiday. Reports can be automated to present instant analytics and trends on your absence data, enabling you to identify areas that require improvement, and design interventions that will reduce the cost of staff absence.

“People can log their own self-certified sickness and HR has access to Bradford Factor score reporting, too. We can now keep a much closer eye on employees’ absence.”

– St Mary’s Hospice

HR management software from Ciphr

Mobile HR management software

HR management software you can use anywhere

With more and more employees working remotely, the ability to view employee information any time, anywhere, is more important than ever.

Ciphr’s online hr software is mobile-friendly, providing users with fast and secure access to their core employee data on a range of devices. Employees and managers can request and approve time off, and view team information, quickly and easily thanks to our user-friendly interface.

“It is a huge benefit that staff can log in from absolutely anywhere. It has helped to achieve total buy-in across the company, from the CEO down to staff in our branches.”

– The Cambridge

Mobile HR software

Support your workforce’s development

Increase employee potential

Ciphr’s HR management software provides the data storage, reporting and analytics functionality required to carry out comprehensive employee performance reviews. Use it to identify and track learning and development needs, as well as skills, qualifications and completed training. It can also track succession planning and career development, and record time and priority-driven objectives.

Using Ciphr’s people management software to identify and develop employee potential can help to reduce staff turnover and increase engagement. Regular performance reviews create an opportunity to formally recognise and value team members, clarify their roles, and create a culture of open communication in your organisation.

HR software by Ciphr aids staff career development

Build a high-performance workplace

Nurture employee engagement

Our UK HR software has been designed by HR professionals, for HR professionals, to help you build a high-performance workplace. Ciphr HR provides talent management and succession planning functionality to help you communicate strategic goals, better manage career conversations, foster a learning culture, report on employee performance, and develop a bench of talent for your future needs.

  • Objectives
  • Reviews
  • Succession planning
  • Nine-box grid
  • Flight-risk management
  • Reporting and dashboards
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HRIS software for managers


Automate key processes

Ciphr’s human resources management software provides configurable workflows to support your processes and reduce the need for manual intervention. Make sure your tasks are carried out on time by automating HR reminders, verification emails and the distribution of information. Transparency, consistency and accuracy of your data will help you to improve communication across your organisation.

The workflow functionality available in Ciphr’s HCM software enables you to notify relevant people about:

    • Actions and details for new starters
    • An employee’s leaving date
    • Absence requests
    • Probation and performance reviews
    • Due dates of employee objectives and appraisals
    • And so much more

helping HR teams, and line managers to deliver an amazing employee experience at the moments that matter.

HR software that supports configurable workflows

Plan and track L&D activities

Upskill and develop your people

Keeping track of your training programme and learning how to improve it can help you to budget effectively and improve employee development.

Our cloud HR software enables you to plan, administer and track your training activity. Its comprehensive overview of your L&D activities will help reduce the time you spend on admin, and enable you to monitor the overall effectiveness of your development programmes.

Track and manage learning through Ciphr HR software

View total reward

Help people understand the complete pay package

Use Ciphr HR’s pay, reward and benefits functionality to ensure that your reward and retention strategy is effective, and that employees can access relevant information. Staff can gain a greater understanding of their value to your organisation thanks to clear, graphic-based breakdowns of their salary and benefits packages.

Cloud HR software from Ciphr

Record, manage and track HR cases

Reduce the risk of non-compliance

Ciphr HR’s case management functionality helps HR teams record, manage and track cases securely and efficiently, enabling them to provide a consistent level of service and mitigating the risk of non-compliance.

Defined workflows, automated reminders, and auditable histories of actions and correspondence help organisations resolve cases more swiftly, while management information reporting enables team to spot trends and make effective strategic interventions.

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HR management software that helps you track and manage HR cases

What is HR software?

HR software is a digital application that is used by organisations to combine and streamline the operations and management of many of the HR function’s primary responsibilities and tasks. These functions include storing employee data, managing payroll, recruitment, benefits, absence management, performance management, and much more.

Ciphr HR is an intuitive and easy to use solution that streamlines time-consuming administrative processes across the entire employee lifecycle, allowing busy HR teams to spend more time working strategically. Our HR software empowers and engages line managers and employees to truly take charge of their own HR data.

what is the best HRIS system?

HR software FAQs

The best HR software allows you to streamline administration, reduce costs, improve data accuracy and support employee engagement through a comprehensive, self-service people management system. It can also provide talent management and succession planning functionalities to help you communicate strategic goals, better manage career conversations, foster a learning culture, report on employee performance, and develop a bench of talent for your future needs.

Choose HR software that is straightforward to log into and intuitive to use, so employees can quickly find the information and tasks that they need. Good HR software needs to be user-friendly and accessible for all, and includes elements of automation, to streamline your hiring process with consistent and automated workflows.

The cost of HR software depends on what your business needs. The best providers will create a bespoke system to accommodate the way you do business, your employees’ expectations, and all the current rules, regulations and laws around HR compliance processes. The price will depend on the provider, how many employees you have, the duration of their contracts and the functionality you want. Ideally, they’ll have a demo for you to explore.

The best HRMS software will make it quicker and easier to manage important people data, securely. It will enables you to set automatic alerts and reminders - keeping HR users, line managers and employees on track. The HRMS will probably also integrate with other related systems you use, such as payroll software, learning management software, and recruitment and onboarding softwares.

The terms are often used interchangeably. But while a HRIS provides more efficient interactions between people and their employers, an HRMS will typically provide you with a broader set of tools to manage people-related tasks and strategies.

The best HCM will store your people and pay-related data securely; be easy to use (for managers and employees alike), and integrate with other essential systems used within your organisation. The best HCM platform for your organisation will depend on your budget and the scope of functionality you wish it to include.

The terms are used interchangeably. They all help organisations to manage their employees and HR processes.


The main benefit that we have found from having Ciphr has been accurate management information, which is used at board level. We would have struggled to get any meaningful data before. The functionality is great and the customer service has been superb. I would definitely recommend Ciphr to other organisations.

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