Out of the office: what does it mean to be a ‘hybrid’ people professional?

There are plenty of opinions on how to organise oneself to work remotely or in a hybrid way. There are also lots of views on how to arrange operational working practices for a remote or hybrid workforce. There seem to be no end to the pieces of research that show how beneficial remote and hybrid working can be to all involved. But how do we reimagine people practices for this world?

How do we ensure that the way we deliver our people practices actually works for those working in the physical workplace, remotely or in a hybrid way? What needs to change in the way we think about operational HR and L&D so that we avoid simply making it easier to come back to the physical workplace?

Join Gary Cookson, director of EPIC HR Limited – and author of HR for Hybrid Working – as he discusses the answers to all these questions (and more) by drawing on research and good practice examples, utilising case studies and challenging thinking on why, and how, we need to change what we do.