Implementation services

Our HR system consultants work with you to provide expert advice and guidance on the best ways to use Ciphr, so you can maximise your return on investment.

Implementing your Ciphr system

Using their comprehensive knowledge of Ciphr, as well as related third-party software, our consultants will help you to configure your Ciphr system to support your business objectives and increase the influence your team can have in your organisation.

A rapid and seamless implementation of Ciphr is essential for your organisation to streamline HR processes as quickly and effectively as possible. Our consultants ensure that your initial set up and configuration runs smoothly and meets your organisation’s requirements.

During the implementation process, a single point of contact will coordinate and manage the delivery services, matching the appropriate resources to your project and ensuring that your Ciphr implementation is delivered on time and to budget.

The implementation of Ciphr was very smooth. All of the target dates were met and the communication was excellent throughout.

How Ciphr HR system consultants can help you

As part of their system review process, our HR system consultants provide an overview of how your system is currently being used, providing valuable insight into how procedures can be adapted to ensure the most effective use of your system.

Consultants can help you establish a bespoke approach to tackling your HR-related issues by exploring all the processes that support the operation of your HR department. Following this review, they will devise an action plan that targets specific areas for improvement – with a focus on those that will deliver the greatest benefits to your organisation and will ensure you make best use of Ciphr’s functionality.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

The project manager and consultants were fantastic throughout. We had great feedback about lengthening the project’s timescales and taking a phased approached to implementation. Because Ciphr HR is so easy and intuitive to use, the training we offered employees was quite light-touch, and this is where we believed we would add real value for the business.

“Ciphr’s consultants provided an overview of the way our system is used”

During their review of our HR system, Ciphr’s consultants provided an overview of the way our system is used, providing valuable insight into how procedures can be adapted to ensure it is being used most effectively.

Zoopla Property Group

“They made the whole team excited about using Ciphr”

Our consultant absolutely met and exceeded our expectations. They made the whole team excited about using Ciphr – and even the work we have to do to get there.

The Lowry Centre

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