Top 25 factors that motivate employees

Top 25 factors that motivate employees

HR software provider Ciphr polled 265 UK-based CEOs and senior managers to find out what factors they think are the most important for motivating their employees to be more productive at work.

According to Ciphr’s study, salary (40%) is seen to have the biggest influence on an employee’s productivity, followed by bonuses and performance incentives (31%). Flexible working (30%), a healthy working environment (29%), and respectful and supportive management (28%) complete the top five.

Other motivational boosters ranked highly by employers include positive feedback, job enjoyment, extra employee perks and rewards, and recognition and appreciation. The full results are below:

Top 25 motivators that drive staff productivity

The top three employee motivators (according to employers in different industries)


Ciphr conducted an online survey of 265 UK employers between 6-13 December 2022. Survey respondents hold the following job roles: owner or partner, CEO/president/chairperson, chief financial officer (CFO), director, C-level executive, or senior management. Nearly half (45%) of the individuals surveyed run or / are employed by organisations with 1,001+ employees, two-fifths (41%) have 251 to 1,000 employees, and one in seven (14%) have 101 to 250 employees.

Survey respondents were asked the following question: In your opinion, what are the main / most important things that motivate your employees / employees at your organisation to be more productive at work? ‘Nothing’ and ‘none of the above’ options were provided among the randomised list of 29 available answers.