Products Integrated HR and LMS from Ciphr

Integrated HR and LMS from Ciphr

One single system ensures data consistency and accuracy

Develop personalised learning content based on staff learning preferences

Track your workforce's progress and identify skills gaps

Automate training-related administrative tasks

All-in-one HR and LMS from Ciphr

By choosing Ciphr as your single provider of HR and learning software, you avoid duplication of work and manual data entry, create a seamless experience for learners, and also improve the accuracy of your people data.

Whether you’re looking to replace both your existing HR platform and LMS, or if you want to implement your first integrated HR and learning software solution, Ciphr delivers an excellent user experience which aims to improve your organisation’s learning culture.

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What our clients say
We wanted an integrated system that had a real focus on learning and development and talent management, to drive our people capability and competence”

“Ciphr’s platform really stood stood out: there are very few providers that offer a fully integrated HR and LMS solution”

Lifetime Training

Ciphr's integrated HR and learning software delivers meaningful results

Since using Ciphr’s integrated HR and learning software, employees’ perception of personal growth has increased by 10% since the initial roll-out at Lifetime Training, and the organisation has also seen an uplift in constructive career conversations and development with line managers.

Reduce data redundancies

Reduce valuable time wasted on administration, and cut down on inefficiencies caused by inaccurate information with Ciphr’s integrated HR software and learning management system.

Our solution ensures data consistency and accuracy across your whole organisation. Critical learning activities completed in Ciphr’s learning management system (LMS) – such as compliance-related training – will also be recorded against an individual’s record in your Ciphr HR software.

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Upskill your workforce

Our integrated HR and learning software allows managers to address any skills gaps, prioritise career progression, and enhance the development of new and existing staff members. Ciphr’s integrated systems gives managers better visibility of employees’ development needs and completed training activities, thanks to its sophisticated reporting and analytics functionality.

With Ciphr, your HR and L&D teams can produce effective upskilling strategies by developing personalised learning content based on their learning preferences. Retain your best employees and improve your recruitment prospects by developing competency frameworks and skills strategies with Ciphr’s user-friendly solution.

We offer both off-the-shelf and bespoke eLearning courses from Marshall E-Learning, now part of Ciphr Group, with topics ranging from diversity and inclusion to compliance, safeguarding and more.

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Analyse data more effectively

Track your people’s progress, how much time they’ve spent learning, and which activities are most popular. The value of any datasets is multiplied when you are able to layer them together, which you can do more easily with Ciphr LMS’s integration with our HR software.

Our all-in-one system enables a more comprehensive understanding of trends, patterns or organisation-wide initiatives, which you can use to make strategic decisions about how to spend your L&D budget, and identify skills gaps.

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Stay ahead in today’s competitive environment

Choose one single system to manage everything from performance evaluations to training needs assessment. Don’t miss out on the myriad advantages of an integrated HR tech stack including time and efficiency savings, and greater insight into how training activities are impacting employee performance and customer satisfaction.

The need for a single HR and learning system that tracks user data and automates certain aspects of training is crucial in today’s competitive environment. Discover more reasons to integrate your HR and LMS platforms.


Build your own HR tech stack

If you are already happy with your existing HR software, or LMS platform, you can choose to integrate Ciphr with what the software you already know and use. Ciphr HR, for example, can be integrated with a range of LMS solutions, and Ciphr LMS is compatible not only with our HR software but with solutions from other vendors, too.

However you decide to build your HR tech stack, it’s possible to integrate Ciphr’s solutions with your software of choice.

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