Products Integrated HR and payroll software from Ciphr

Integrated HR and payroll software from Ciphr

Single provider of fully integrated HR and payroll solutions

Seamless transfer of pay data between software

Improves data accuracy

Speeds up pay runs

Robust, accurate, dependable payroll system

Helpful UK-based expert support team

All-in-one HR and payroll solution from Ciphr

Bring your HR and people data together with Ciphr’s award-winning all-in-one integrated people management system and payroll software. Choosing a single provider of integrated HR and payroll removes the need for unnecessary duplicated work and manual data entry – freeing up your HR and payroll teams to spend more time on the work that matters most.

Integrated HR software and payroll software can combine with specialist time and attendance systems to simplify the most complex time and pay calculations.

“Ciphr HR has taken away some of the admin tasks that I was doing, and freed up some of my time to really focus on proactivity rather than reactivity. I’d definitely recommend Ciphr HR and Payroll to other organisations.”

– Haygrove

Five reasons to choose integrated HR and payroll solutions from Ciphr

  1. Greater data accuracy and security

By paying your employees with the same platform you use for people management, using our single HR and payroll system, you avoid manual data entry by automating key processes – meaning your people and pay data is more accurate and more secure.

  1. Process payroll more quickly

Automate a greater proportion of your payroll processes and maintain control and approval over final payments. Save your business time and effort by making pay runs more accurate and allowing cut-off dates to be closer to payday.

  1. Simpler reporting

Produce complex reports – such as gender pay gap reports – with the minimum of fuss with fully integrated HR and payroll from Ciphr. Easier reporting helps you make more informed decisions about your people and their pay.

  1. Aids compliance

Our secure system allows you to create and store an audit trail of important decisions and changes to employee records, and can even flag if regular checks or certification tasks are overdue. If you choose to outsource your payroll processing to Ciphr’s payroll bureau team, you’ll have peace of mind that your payroll will also be run in accordance with the latest government legislation.

  1. Single support desk for all HR and payroll software queries

Need help with your HR or payroll system? There’s just one support desk to contact and we’ll ensure that the right team member tackles your query.

Self-service HR software
What they say
It’s a fantastic tool.”

“If other companies are duplicating a lot of their work between HR and payroll systems they will save lots of time, energy and cost to the business by moving to Ciphr. It’s a fantastic tool.” 

The Cambridge Building Society

Ciphr HR also integrates with third-party payroll software

Choose Ciphr’s fully integrated HR and payroll solution, or to integrate Ciphr HR with your preferred payroll software if you would like to take a best-of-breed approach to your HR tech stack

Why choose Ciphr?

Our people management platform, Ciphr Connect, can flex and scale to meet your requirements. So whether you’re a small, medium, or large-sized UK-based business, charity or public-sector organisation, our solutions could be the right fit for you.   

Our UK-based support team is always on hand to offer help – particularly during time-sensitive pay runs – and we offer comprehensive training through our new customer learning portal, Ciphr Academy.  

When you join Ciphr, you’ll be assigned a dedicated project team and customer support manager to guide you every step of the way, through implementation to go-live, and long-term success.  

These are just some of the reasons why Ciphr is the people management software provider of choice for more than 600 organisations. 

Integrated HR & payroll software FAQs

HR and payroll software is an integrated digital system that enables employers to pay their staff quickly, accurately and efficiently. The integrated system comprises HR software that stores records about individuals' jobs and pay, with payroll software that makes the necessary calculations for each pay run, and processes payments.

The best payroll software enables your organisation to pay its people efficiently, accurately, securely and on time, every time. Many organisations prefer integrated HR and payroll software that simplifies and speeds up the process of paying workers. When choosing payroll software, look for a system that is kept up to date with changes in legislation, and is supported by a helpful and knowledgeable customer care team.

Payroll systems include outsourced payroll services run as a service, cloud-based payroll software (hosted by the vendor, and used by the client), and on-premise payroll software hosted on-site at the business’ premises.

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