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Integrated HR and recruitment software

Amplify the reach of your vacancies: post to multiple job boards, automate job ads, and manage applications from a central database

Reliably deliver a positive experience from the moment a candidate applies to the day they start their job

Effortlessly track, monitor and ensure completion of important legal documentation before new starters begin

Unified systems, a unified workforce: HR and recruitment solutions from Ciphr

When choosing Ciphr as your trusted provider of HR and recruitment solutions, you can shorten recruitment cycles, enhance the candidate experience from beginning to end, and reliably manage sensitive data.

By integrating these vital systems, you can also effectively manage:

  • Data security, including protecting personal data in line with GDPR
  • Digital documents such as contracts and key policies
  • The risk of error by removing the need for manual data re-entry

Transform the way you attract and engage top talent. From automation to integration — your HR team, candidates, and hiring managers will love every step of the journey.

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What our clients say
Ciphr’s recruitment software significantly reduces time to hire”

“On average, vacancies were taking between 80 and 100 days with the old system. Now, the time to hire is between 40 and 60 days. That’s down to the fact that all CVs are in a single place, making shortlisting far simpler and enabling us to set up interviews quickly and efficiently. Candidates are processed through Ciphr with ease. It has also reduced the recruitment team’s time to hire significantly, saving us time and money, and enabling the team to focus on other activities.”

Customer success story

“Ciphr iRecruit makes the recruitment process less arduous and paper-based. Staff can access the system anywhere, any time, and shortlist applicants. It’s totally changed our process for the better.”

Ciphr’s integrated HR and recruitment software makes UK compliance easy

Ciphr’s HR and recruitment integration supports and improves all compliance-related tasks. Easily manage compliance with the GDPR from a central platform, including data retention permissions and subject access requests (SARs). Effortlessly perform robust right-to-work (RTW) checks as part of your pre-employment process, and then seamlessly store, transfer and manage this sensitive data across other HR systems — including onboarding software and your central HR software.

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Take your recruitment to the next level

Ciphr’s integrated recruitment and HR software facilitates a seamless employee experience, ensuring new starters — regardless of whether they work from home, the office, or a mix of both — are warmly welcomed and supported through their application process and through to starting their new role.

Provide access to all the information candidates need to make informed decisions about their application, and transform your recruitment strategy into a talent attraction strategy using Ciphr’s HR recruitment software. From automated job postings and intelligent screening based on custom filters, to bespoke candidate communications and shortlisting — our recruitment software supports the first of many critical interactions between you and your future people.

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Elevate your onboarding

Continue providing that all-important experience from the acceptance stage to their first days and weeks in your organisation. Ciphr’s employee onboarding software offers an experience consistent with employees’ interactions during their application, affirming their choice to join your organisation was the right move. Provide new hires with all the information, guidance, and support they need to make their first 90 days memorable.

Ciphr’s HR and recruitment solutions enable mid-market UK organisations to unlock the power of their people from the very first interaction. Bolster your employer brand, amplify the employee experience, and reshape the way you retain top talent across a dynamic and evolving workforce.

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Empower your HR and hiring teams to make data-led decisions

Improve and evolve your recruitment strategies based on meaningful data. Ciphr’s HR and recruitment reporting dashboards provide insight into metrics such as the total volume of applications per role, time to hire and fill vacancies, and cost per hire.

HR teams are empowered to conduct thorough succession planning activities: you’ll be able to identify critical roles and assess the suitability of internal candidates to fill these roles when they become vacant with Ciphr, and then track and manage internal applications for these crucial roles, and reward employee referrals that lead to a successful placement.

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The best recruitment software to ensure data integrity

Data security and integrity are the hallmarks of a connected HR and recruitment tech stack. No need to compromise accuracy, security, or integrity: compliantly, easily, and securely transfer personal data across your suite of software with Ciphr’s HR and recruitment system.

Consider the growing volume of applications per role, and how important it is to reliably manage permissions, store personal data and avoid breaches: can your organisation afford to risk it?

How does automation functionality lend itself to better compliance?

  • Routine backups ensure no data loss
  • Automated alerts and reminders for expiring permissions and licences keep you up to date
  • Encrypted data syncs reliably transfer information without compromising security
  • Automated compliance tasks ensure your workforce meets key regulatory requirements
  • Easily provide data for SARs
  • Avoid costly risks associated with breaches of the GDPR
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A competitive edge in any labour market

Tackle the challenges of today’s labour market head-on. Ciphr’s HR and recruitment software enables you to highlight your employer branding — a non-negotiable for the modern employee — and demonstrate your values, vision, and benefits authentically and openly.

Regain time spent on manual tasks by leveraging automation: screen, shortlist, and recruit the best candidates in less time, and let your HR team focus on more strategic work.

Streamline your recruitment process and encourage more candidates to see it to the end: avoid losing out on top talent who abandon overly complicated, drawn-out application processes.


Integrated HR & recruitment software FAQs

A candidate relationship management (CRM) system acts as a repository of talent, storing previous applications and CVs for future vacancies. A CRM can also engage and nurture potential candidates through automation. An applicant tracking system (ATS) is the platform that facilitates the recruitment, screening, and hiring process: it is the software that coordinates exchanges between the applicant and the recruiter.

Cloud based recruitment software — typically an applicant tracking system — is a SaaS-based platform that is hosted in the cloud. Applicants and recruiters can access it via a web browser, using any internet-connected device, from anywhere in the world. Most modern recruitment software is cloud-based, as it offers additional security and minimises the risk of data loss, especially in comparison to on-premise recruitment software.

UK-based organisations are legally required to demonstrate their compliance with GDPR rules, and that includes securely storing the details of applicants. Legal obligations aside, organisations need an ATS to help effectively advertise job vacancies, screen applicants, and shortlist candidates. This is especially important when we consider that most, if not all, job applications are made digitally.

Recruitment technology can support all stakeholders and help organisations achieve hiring targets more efficiently. HR teams can streamline and shorten recruitment cycles, reach a wider audience and attract more diverse talent; hiring managers can assess applications and provide feedback more quickly; and candidates enjoy an enhanced (and easier) application process, among others.

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