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Online learning management system

LMS platform

Cloud-based LMS with an award-winning user experience that engages your learners

Curate content, create your own, choose resources from our library or work with our L&D experts to create bespoke learning content

Integrates seamlessly with Ciphr’s people management software to deliver an excellent user experience

Also available as a standalone solution

Why choose the
Ciphr LMS platform?

By choosing Ciphr as your single provider of HR and learning solutions, you avoid duplication of work and manual data entry, create a seamless experience for learners, and also improve the accuracy of your people data.

Ciphr’s learning management system is supported by a team of learning and development experts who will help you make the most of our software’s capabilities, as well as support you with the design of optional bespoke learning content.

Why choose Ciphr LMS

LMS Key features

Central platform for your learning content

Central platform for your learning content

Fully integrated with Ciphr’s people management software for a seamless experience, or available as a standalone solution

Visual learning journeys

Visual learning journeys

Guide learners through pathways of activities that can be personalised to roles, topics, or business areas

Choose content that’s right for your people

Choose content that’s right for your people

Create your own, select from our library of materials, or work with our experts to create bespoke content

Supports a range of learning content formats

Supports a range of learning content formats

Including SCORM 1.2 and 2004, video, audio, assessments and surveys, and on-the-job activities

Automate your learning admin

Automate your learning admin

Helpful notifications and reminders ensure learners complete their e-learning activities

A central platform for all your learning

A central platform for all your learning

Our hybrid training management system allows you to schedule and manage classroom activities alongside online learning

Collaborative and gamified learning

Collaborative and gamified learning

Ciphr’s LMS platform provides forums, badges, leaderboards and visual learning journeys all help to engage learners

Report on your learning investment

Report on your learning investment

Measure uptake, completion rates, and learner progress with detailed reporting

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Learners can access their LMS training content when and where they need it, via any internet-enabled computer or mobile device

Social tools enable peer support

Social tools enable peer support

Groups, a knowledge base, and mentoring platform make learning a social experience for all

Deliver personalised training programmes

Deliver personalised training programmes

With Ciphr LMS’s sophisticated competency assessment tool


Now with Ciphr HR, we can sample the quality of conversations. We can also understand what additional training resources we might need to add into the LMS. There are so many benefits to having everything in one place in Ciphr.

What they say
Anything we ask for can be done”

“The team is very enthusiastic about working with us as a brand, and so are we. It’s a real partnership. Anything we ask for can be done, even if it’s quite complex and involved.”

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Why L&D and HR teams love Ciphr LMS

  • A single hub for all your L&D resources – from online training materials to booking live events
  • Supports visual learning journeys that bring together modules you want learners to complete in a specified sequence
  • Host a range of content types and formats – including SCORM-based programmes, audio, video, and presentations
  • Choose to use your own content or work with our team of specialists to create bespoke materials
  • Easily track who has completed mandatory and voluntary activities
  • Forums offer support and a sense of community for learners on the same journey – fostering a more collaborative culture
  • Seamless integration with Ciphr’s people management solutions help you gain a holistic view of people and performance
  • Scalable solution that grows with you

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Why learners love
Ciphr LMS

  • Easily book, view and complete learning activities that are relevant to your role and aspirations
  • Personalised learning journeys provide a roadmap for success
  • Learn anytime, anywhere – all you need is an internet-connected computer or mobile device
  • Get support from your peers through online forums
  • When used with Ciphr’s HR solutions, gain instant access with your existing username and password
Why learners love Ciphr LMS

Off-the-shelf eLearning courses from Ciphr and Marshall E-Learning

Ciphr now offers a library of more than 50 eLearning courses that you can load directly into your Ciphr LMS platform . Our eLearning content is updated regularly by our team of experts to reflect regulatory changes.

Topic packs of off-the-shelf eLearning content include:

  • LMS essentials eLearning content pack
  • Diversity and inclusion eLearning content pack
  • Mental health and wellbeing eLearning content pack
  • Management development eLearning content pack
  • And much more
Discover eLearning content packs from Ciphr


LMS stands for a learning management system.

An LMS is a software application used to create and manage online courses. It provides a platform for instructors to create and deliver content, for students to interact and collaborate, and for administrators to track and report progress.

When choosing an LMS, it is important to consider what features are important to you and your organisation. You may want to choose software this is scalable and user-friendly. You may also want to if the LMS is compatible with your current technology infrastructure, and how much training and support would be needed for users.

A good LMS can help you improve your training and learning programs. The software can make it easy to track employee progress and identify areas where employees need more training. Additionally, it can help you automate your training processes, saving you time and money.

There are many learning management systems on the market. Ciphr LMS is just one example of a popular learning management system used by organisations of every type and size.

With almost 50% of Fortune 500 companies using a LMS, the market is full of choices. There are at least 1,000 different learning management systems available around the world.

The cost of a learning management system depends on the system you choose, and the size of your organisation. There’s a solution for every organisation, large or small.

Using an LMS (learning management system) brings several benefits to your organisation. It gives your people a central hub for their learning activities. It helps you manage, store and organise training materials, and share them with your staff. It will also provide you with data about completion rates, for example, and it will be able to support a variety of content formats to support your learners’ needs and preferences.

A good LMS gives you a central platform for storing, managing and sharing learning content. It should support a variety of content formats that will engage and inspire your employees. A good LMS should be intuitive to use, and be accessible anywhere, any time. It should also automates learning admin as far as possible, and provide data and insight into key metrics.

An LMS (or learning management system) is learning software that stores, manages and shares learning activities to staff within an organisation. eLearning (electronic learning, or online learning), is training that is delivered virtually, most often through video and audio. An LMS will typically host eLearning content alongside training content in other formats. The two terms are closely linked but not interchangeable.

The best learning management system gives you one hub for all your organisation’s company’s learning and development activities. It will support inspiring visual learning journeys and deliver relevant knowledge to learners. . The best LMS for your organisation will support a wide range of learning content types and formats, letting you use your own content or work with specialists to create bespoke materials. It’ll make it easy to track who has completed the right mandatory and voluntary training. It should also help your organisation create a culture or learning through groups and collaboration tools. It will probably integrate with your central HR software, be supported by a team of experts, and will likely be flexible and scalable to support your organisation as your needs change.

Happy people work harder and better, and learning new things makes people happy. A good learning management system means you keep control of what everyone at your organisation is learning, how, and when. It helps people learn, and makes learning enjoyable. Employees learn skills and knowledge that’s relevant to them (and that they’re interested in), helping them to work more productively and progress in their careers.

Organisations of every size and type use learning management systems to help staff develop their skills and knowledge, improve performance, and retain great people for longer.

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