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Manager eLearning: Management pack

About our manager eLearning courses

The content pack will help your managers enhance their leadership skills, promote inclusivity and navigate the evolving work landscape. From mentoring to breaking the glass ceiling, each course provides targeted training and resources to equip managers with essential skills and knowledge.

Whether you are a manager seeking to establish a successful mentoring programme, a leader navigating the complexities of hybrid work models, or an individual looking to break the glass ceiling and thrive in leadership roles, these courses will give you the tools and insights needed for success.

Pack includes


Courageous conversations

Leaders and managers regularly engage in impactful conversations with various individuals, such as clients, team members, senior managers and potential employees. This course will teach learners how to drive desired outcomes and encourage behavioural or operational changes



Provides mentors and mentees with a comprehensive foundation for mentoring programmes, offering in-depth training, guidance and resources that will enable learners to establish teaching outcomes and develop essential skills


Hybrid working

A course that addresses the challenges and complexities that arise from combining remote and on-site work, providing essential support and guidance for leaders to navigate this evolving work model and bridge the gap between employees working from home and in the office


Managing performance with connected conversations

This course equips managers with the skills to provide feedback, motivate employees and achieve organisational goals


Breaking the glass ceiling

This course will empower women to bridge the gender pay gap by equipping them with the skills, confidence and knowledge needed to thrive in leadership roles


Leadership for managers

This innovative course shows learners how to determine their individual leadership style. Learners will then be given personalised tips, including behaviours to avoid, based on their preferred approaches to leadership


Inclusive leadership

Defines and explores the challenges, benefits and core competencies of inclusive leadership through a series of informative videos and interactive assessments


Future ways of working

This course uses innovative video scenarios to demonstrate effective software utilisation for communication, leadership and productivity, helping remote teams to work more effectively

“The eLearning training module that we purchased from Marshalls was value for money. It was rolled out to our country offices and found that the content was very applicable to these regions and the videos and quizzes solidified learning. A very positive experience and I would highly recommend to others.”


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