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Mental health eLearning: Mental health and
wellbeing pack

About our mental health eLearning courses

This comprehensive eLearning content pack offers a range of courses focused on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

From leading others in uncertain times and combatting mental health stigma to recognising and supporting mental health fatigue, the pack provides animated videos, expert insights, interactive assessments and practical guidance for individuals, managers and senior leaders.

Pack includes

Personal resilience

This course aims to broaden your understanding of resilience, identify areas for personal development and equip you with the knowledge to support others in cultivating resilience

Mental health at work

Combat the stigma around mental health by encouraging open conversations, recognising early warning signs and emphasising the value of wellbeing and resilience. Learn how to implement a better work/life balance, identify and challenge negative thought patterns, and understand common causes of mental unwellness

Mental health fatigue

Helps individuals, managers and senior leaders recognise and support colleagues experiencing mental health fatigue, with interactive assessments to reinforce understanding

Mental health in the workplace

The goal of this course is to destigmatise mental health in the workplace by promoting supportive conversations, recognising early warning signs, appreciating the advantages of wellbeing and integrating resilience into your daily routine

Mental wellbeing and resilience

This module focuses on measuring your mental wellbeing, implementing minor changes to improve your personal and professional lives, and exploring work-life balance

Supporting others

This course focuses on how managers can support others’ mental wellbeing at work through empathy, creating a listening space, staying connected and setting boundaries

Guidance for managers on having wellbeing conversations

Helps managers have wellbeing conversations with their employees, with tips on everything from how to initiate conversations and implement action plans to legal aspects and more

Managing your own self-care and wellbeing

This course delves into techniques, tools and tips for enhancing mental wellbeing

Stress management for managers

Empowers managers with strategies to mitigate stress-related legal actions, safeguard organisational finances and reputation, and cultivate sustainable high performance under pressure

Stress management for staff

Similar to our stress management for managers course, but tailored towards employees

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