Outsourced payroll bureau services

Ciphr’s payroll bureau team uses HMRC-recognised payroll software for assurance of accuracy and compliance. We can support all aspects of your payroll production and we specialise in integrating with your other business systems. This might include HR, time and attendance, and finance or accounting solutions.

Ciphr’s payroll bureau services customers enjoy the attention of a dedicated payroll administrator – we truly become a part of your team.


Benefits to your organisation of our payroll bureau:

  • Ensured compliance with payroll legislation, even when changes are introduced
  • Time saving and reduced duplication of data entry
  • Lower costs
  • You can rest assured your payroll is in good hands
Payroll consultants

Payroll bureau services you can rely on

The most important aspect of payroll is accuracy – people want to be paid accurately and on time. Our team of payroll professionals lives and breathes payroll, supporting you to meet your payroll goals. Ciphr Payroll, our cloud-based payroll bureau software, is HMRC-recognised and our company is both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, so your payroll data is always secure.

Our customer base includes clients in a wide variety of industries including the care and education sectors, recruitment agencies and retail companies, and we specialise in high-volume and demanding payrolls, such as the payrolling of pension payments for pension funds. For you, this means whatever your contractual complexities, mergers or TUPEs, you know our flexible payroll services and solutions will be able to grow with you.

Bacs-approved bureau

With Ciphr’s fully managed payroll bureau service, you can outsource your Bacs submissions to our Bacs-approved bureau, to ensure that all your people are paid accurately and on time. We will pay your employees, HMRC and any third-party disbursements on your behalf.

Fully accredited and secure payroll bureau services

As your payroll bureau, we will register as your agent for HMRC. All tax code notices and student loan notices will bypass you and come directly to us – even HMRC earnings enquiries will be picked up by our team. At the end of each payroll cycle, we take care of HMRC RTI submissions and also the tax year-end clear down and P60 production. All payslips, P60s and P11Ds are published to our secure cloud-based payroll bureau software portal for self-service and manager access.

Payroll consulting

Ideal for any size organisation

Ciphr’s payroll customers range in size from around 50 employees up to 10,000 people. Our payroll bureau can accommodate any requirement and scale up and down depending on your needs. Essential to the success of payroll delivery is the initial scoping and configuration of your service and the outputs and reporting you need. Our aim for your payroll outsourcing services is to review your working processes and find how many spreadsheets and workarounds you might be using to achieve your payroll and massively reduce those, creating seamless integrations wherever possible using our API.

As well as your assigned payroll bureau administrator, you will have a customer success manager in regular contact for reviews and news. We will support you through any organisational changes and help you to plan and prepare for any impacts to your payroll.

Pensions auto-enrolment service

Since the introduction of pensions auto enrolment was introduced, the responsibility for pensions administration now rests with employers. Ciphr’s payroll bureau will fulfil these processes as a fully inclusive part of your outsourcing payroll services. From the initial scoping to interpret the rules for your pension schemes and the class of employees these might belong to, we will assess worker eligibility, enrol in a scheme or report non-eligible workers, start taking contributions, and create the appropriate export files. We will even register as your agent with your pension provider and file reports on your behalf.

Reduce payroll admin

HR and payroll can now focus on the projects that matter, instead of HR admin, by working with the payroll professionals at Ciphr’s payroll bureau. Your starters, leavers, job and pay changes only need to be entered once into your HR system or other business platforms – there’s no more spreadsheet filling or duplication of entry to other payroll systems or platforms.

What are payroll bureau services?

Payroll bureau services are a way for organisations to outsource their payroll requirements, helping to ease the burden of payroll processing and reduce costs. You will develop a close and trusted relationship with the outsourced team – they will get to know you and your payroll in deep detail. You know you will always have an experienced partner on hand, whatever you need and whatever happens to your organisation’s payroll.

“It is hard to choose a payroll solution… but choosing Ciphr payroll bureau services with HMRC recognition, providing a range of services in payroll, benefits and pension administration from a team of friendly, well-trained and experienced payroll professionals… is easy.”

– The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy

Payroll bureau FAQs

What does a payroll bureau do?

A payroll bureau is a collaboration between in-house payroll employees and an outsourced payroll company. The idea is that working with both means you have more control (with processes carried out by your in-house staff), while external people provide essential checks and balances. Together, you do a perfect job. 

What can I expect from a payroll bureau service?

A payroll bureau will maintain your employee data, calculate the payroll and deal with the HMRC on your behalf. They will normally also distribute payslips and pay your employees using the Bacs service.

What does Bacs mean?

Bacs – an acronym for Bankers Automated Clearing Service – is a body run by UK banks that facilitates a three-day process that enables funds to be transferred from one UK bank account to another.

How will my payroll bureau correspond with HMRC?

On completion of the ‘Authorising your agent form’ (64-8), your payroll bureau will be able to receive tax notices (such as tax code changes) on your behalf. Your payroll bureau will also be able to make the payroll submissions FPS and EPS on or before pay day to ensure your company is compliant with the required HMRC reporting each pay day. They may also accept earning enquiries directly on your behalf.