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Payroll Integration

Integrate Ciphr with your chosen payroll software to create a single point of data entry – saving time and improving accuracy


Payroll integration

Whether you run payroll in house or via a managed service, having a single point of data entry saves time and improves the accuracy and integrity of your payroll data.

“Being able to collate our monthly payroll information has been a godsend. Previously we would have to spend about a week and a half gathering the information using complex spreadsheets but with Ciphr the amount of time has been reduced by about 80%. The paylink integration allowed us to automate the process of providing information quickly to the payroll team.”


Third-party payroll software

Ciphr offers fully integrated HR and payroll, or you can choose to integrate Ciphr’s people management system with other third-party payroll software.

We are also keen to build more relationships with other payroll vendors, so if your preferred supplier is not listed here, please contact us to discuss integration options.


Ciphr Paylink: Integrate Ciphr HR with your chosen payroll partner

As well as integrating with our own payroll software, Ciphr’s HR software can also integrate with payroll software from third-party vendors – helping you to securely connect your people and pay data across your whole organisation if you want to take a best-of-breed approach.

“If other companies are duplicating a lot of their work between HR and payroll systems they will save lots of time, energy and cost to the business by moving to Ciphr. It’s a fantastic tool.”


Why choose Ciphr for your payroll integration?

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