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Crisis UK success story

Crisis UK

Crisis UK is the national charity for homeless people – helping people out of homelessness and campaigning for the changes needed to solve it altogether. Employees and volunteers work side-by-side with people experiencing homelessness, helping them rebuild their lives through education, training and support with housing, employment, and health.

“The great thing with Ciphr HR – especially for charities – is that it does the basics really well, and you can get up and running with it without too much experience. But when you want to start working with it in more complex ways, it can expand with you.”

“Last year it took us about two-and-a-half months to manually calculate annual leave and add in bank holidays for all our part-time worker records. So, we worked with Ciphr to design and customise a report, which means, this year, it took us two-and-a-half hours to do the final calculations, with bank holiday adjustments already included in the total. It’s brilliant.”

“The system works when we need it to the most – such as when we moved to working remotely in March 2020. We knew that even if people didn’t have access to work laptops, they can still access Ciphr HR. The HR team stopped working in the office quite abruptly, and, even without advance warning, Ciphr HR worked perfectly for us.”

“[Linking Ciphr HR with our LMS] means that people who work in the client services team has those mandatory trainings automatically associated with their record. It’s not just less work for us, it’s more accurate. It means we can be confident we are putting the right training in place for the right people where their safety is paramount.”

“None of what I’d wanted to achieve would have been possible if things didn’t work on Ciphr’s side. Over time, our relationship with Ciphr has got stronger and better, and we’ve really seen the benefit of investing time in that relationship.”

[Ciphr’s reporting functionality] adds legitimacy to the advice that we’re providing, and that legitimacy comes from us not having to mess around trying to work out what the data is – the data is there in the required format almost instantly, and that gives us time to reflect and draw up recommendations before going into meetings.”