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Iliffe Media success story

Iliffe Media

Iliffe Media Group owns a number of local media titles, including the Cambridge Independent and Kent Messenger, as well as offering print and digital services. The group comprises three subsidiary companies – KM Media Group, Iliffe Media, and Iliffe Media Publishing – as well as KM Direct, which is part of the KM Media Group.

“Normally, when you phone up for support, it’s because you’re on a payroll deadline and you need it fixed there and then. That’s exactly what they do. I’d definitely recommend the integration between Ciphr and PBS to other payroll professionals.”

“When it came to making the final decision, we were confident everything would work more smoothly because there was a history of the two companies and systems working together. Payroll Business Solutions’ costs were really reasonable, too – they were cheaper than the other payroll provider we looked at.”

“It was the smoothest transition I’ve ever experienced. It was great for me because PBS and Ciphr communicated directly with each other. That was the biggest bonus: that there was already this established relationship, and I didn’t have to be the middle person. It lifts a huge weight off you – you can trust them to get on with it.”

“The support has been brilliant: probably the best I’ve ever had from a payroll provider. If I phone or email, I get an answer quickly – there’s none of this prioritising the call at a level one or two, and getting back to me much later. I’d definitely recommend Ciphr and PBS to other payroll professionals and HR teams.”