Success Story

Kavli success story


Kavli produces a range of food products including cheese spreads, chilled pâté and goats’ milk and is the parent company to Primula, St Helen’s Farm and Castle MacLellan Foods.

“We were using a payroll system, a time and attendance system and lots of spreadsheets to manage our people data. There was no direct link between any of these and it took a lot of manual work to make any changes because as we had to do duplicate data entry. The whole HR process needed improving.”

“The implementation went exactly according to plan. It was a straightforward process, completed comfortably within the scheduled time and Ciphr was really flexible with arranging training dates. They let us know about any changes as soon as they were happening. It couldn’t have been easier.”

“I used to spend a day a week processing holidays. I now don’t need to do anything at all because it’s all done through the employee self-service functionality of the system. It’s not just the holidays, it’s the fact that employees can see everything that is relevant to them, like their pay details and some of their personal documents. They really are seeing the value in it.”

“Our process for adding new starters to payroll has been simplified and improved massively. It used to take half an hour per starter, but now it can be done almost instantly because it’s integrated into the payroll process. Using the paylink, the data just exports straight across to payroll so we are saving 25 minutes per starter now. We are taking on 200 extra seasonal staff next month, so this will be very helpful. Ciphr retains historical records which we can reactivate, so we don’t actually have to put any of the information back in. All the team need to do is amend the dates, it’s really straightforward.”

“I couldn’t recommend Ciphr enough. The help, support and the quality of the product are fantastic. It’s a great company to deal with, and we really feel valued as customers. With Ciphr we have had constant support and experienced massive cost savings across all the departments. It’s been a breath of fresh air dealing with Ciphr.”