Success Story

Latymer Upper School success story

Latymer Upper School

Latymer Upper School is London’s leading fully co-educational school, with 1,200 boys and girls aged 11 to 18. Its origins can be traced back to 1624, when wealthy lawyer Edward Latymer left in his will part of his wealth for the clothing and education of “eight poore boyes” from Hammersmith. Notable alumni include actor Hugh Grant, theatre director Natalie Abrahami, and chef Heston Blumenthal.



“Ciphr will allow us to market employee benefits and information more effectively. Over time, we hope it will help us develop a lot more KPI data, which will help us to be more intuitive around dealing with aspects of HR. Health and wellbeing is another challenge we face at the moment; teachers work extremely hard, so being able to look at absence data and see if there is something we need to do as a senior leadership team is really useful.”

“Nationally, key challenges for the teaching profession include recruitment and retention of staff – particularly of teaching staff in hard to recruit for subjects. Ciphr and Ciphr iRecruit give us a really useful opportunity to streamline the application process for candidates and make sure – whether or not somebody is actually recruited – they have a positive experience with us.”

“For us as a school, safeguarding is absolutely a key priority, and Ciphr’s onboarding facility allows us to complete some of that safeguarding journey [before they join] so they are well informed in time for their first day. I think for the candidate it just means that not everything happens on the first day – they are welcomed into the organisation over a period of time, it’s a more streamlined process, and their first day is less overwhelming.”

“I would recommend Ciphr to other schools. The support we have been given has been useful: we have not only had training courses, we have also had people visiting on site. That’s been really important, because we’ve got advice on how to use the system within the context of our environment. We’ve really valued that support.”

“The training was absolutely excellent. Really good tutors, small groups, and one-to-one support. The course inspired me to come back and learn more about the system.”