Success Story

Nescot success story


When Donna Patterson joined the North East Surrey College of Technology (NESCOT) as director of HR in 2008, the HR team was using Ciphr’s solutions to “do what the organisation needed it to do” – but it was recognised that only a small part of the system’s functionality was actually being used. Watch the video below to discover how NESCOT took advantage of Ciphr’s extensive functionality to reduce HR admin and build a foundation for strategic HR.

“The main reason to implement Ciphr was to make our lives easier while maintaining good communications across the college. Careful planning was essential for a successful roll-out and thorough testing meant that it was fit for purpose from the very beginning. We very quickly began to see the benefits of Ciphr.”



“Now we can cope so much better with the high volume of recruitment we have. It takes a matter of minutes to put a job onto our website whereas, with the old process, it would have taken a few weeks to get an ad out. It is brilliant just how quick it is and this has been recognised and appreciated by our managers. Our principal really appreciates the benefits we gain from our new approach to recruitment.”

“It has been a real success and the principal likes it too. We’ve now got a really good HR system that is more accurate and always up to date. It has been excellent and saved us lots of time. Also, the transition to this system was seamless. Before it was a very messy system with different departments having their own processes and their own spreadsheets. We get much more consistent data, throughout the college, with Ciphr.”

“We are really keen to introduce Ciphr to the college we run in Saudi Arabia, so that it can deliver similar streamlining there as it has here in the UK. Our principal has asked us to set up the system to be used there too because of its success here. So Ciphr will be a global solution for us.”