Success Story

Pro:Direct success story


Pro:Direct previously managed their employee data through a payroll system that provided the HR team with limited functionality. Ciphr appealed because it aligned with Pro:Direct’s brand and would be able to grow with the business as it expanded.



The reporting functionality in Ciphr has allowed us to create bespoke reports. We can now keep up with changes to employment law, gender pay gap reporting and internal changes such as alterations to the holiday year and changes to people’s holiday entitlements. It’s been great.

The sales process was really good, and the support we received was great. The platform was easy to use and it was a very straightforward process. We’ve been able to customise Ciphr’s interface ourselves, so when I log on it actually looks like it’s part of Pro:Direct. It was essential for us to be able to hallmark the interface with our own stamp – that option offered a lot of value for us.

Being able to collate our monthly payroll information has been a godsend. Previously we would have to spend about a week and a half gathering the information using complex spreadsheets but with Ciphr the amount of time has been reduced by about 80%. The paylink integration allowed us to automate the process of providing information quickly to the payroll team.

We have nearly 200 job titles at Pro:Direct, as well as multiple work patterns; the warehouse is open 6am until 10pm with multiple different shifts. It’s great being able to make sure everyone’s on the right shift pattern. We’ve never had anything that enabled to us to manage different work patterns before, so Ciphr has been brilliant.