Success Story

United Welsh success story

United Welsh

United Welsh is a non-for-profit organisation that provides homes and related services in South Wales, and manages more than 5,000 properties in 11 local authorities.

In this webinar video, United Welsh’s L&D business partner Bob Price shares his experiences of using Ciphr LMS.



“We were growing steadily and consistently as an organisation and our HR system was struggling to keep up, so change was essential. After a couple of days of excellent one-to-one training at our offices, we did most of the data transfer to Ciphr ourselves. That gave us a hands-on understanding of Ciphr from the start, which should help to make all the future changes quite straightforward as we phase in further functionality.”

“We didn’t want any technical stress for our team, so SaaS was the answer for us; upgrades are fluid and happen seamlessly. Ciphr manages the process for us and simply informs us when the upgrades are completed. It is incredible and stress free for us.”

“Some of the actions we took were simple, but their impact was huge. For example, branding Ciphr gave staff an instant feeling that the system belonged. We saw much greater engagement with the system from all departments because Ciphr became a recognisable part of their work environment.”

“It is very important that our people understand how much we invest in their development. We present the training data annually to the organisation and the details that are held in Ciphr make developing that presentation simple. We can show trends graphically to make the information easy to digest for everyone. Post-training evaluation questionnaires provide us with valuable feedback from candidates so we can revise our programmes where necessary.”

“Ciphr’s mobile site has been brilliant and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback about it to date. Now, managers can catch up wherever they are and be more responsive to their teams’ needs. The roll-out of Ciphr’s mobile functionality was smooth and the service desk was great throughout.”