How to choose an LMS: the ultimate three-step selection process

About this webinar

Ciphr LMS specialist Andrea Matkin is joined by former L&D manager for Ciphr Group, Nev Hart, to explore three tried-and-true key considerations behind choosing an LMS — from both a customer and vendor perspective.

The LMS marketplace is abuzz with an array of suppliers and systems to suit every need. The key to choosing the best LMS is selecting one that satisfies (or even exceeds) your organisation’s needs. To help you navigate the tricky process of selecting the right LMS, we’ll be sharing recommendations on how you can prepare yourself for the selection process, and what you can expect from vendors throughout your journey.

Join us as we explore these three distinct stages of choosing an LMS:

Drawing up your list of requirements: what makes an LMS the best solution for you?

  1. Dealing with vendors: what to expect from the process, and how to compare the market
  2. Decisions, decisions, decisions: the non-negotiable features and functionalities to look out for
  3. Q&A