Moving mountains: the secrets behind a successful office move


About this webinar

Although well worth it in the end, moving is never an easy task. And an office move is no exception. 

In February, we moved offices from Marlow to Reading. It went off without a hitch, ticking along smoothly and seamlessly every step of the way. And that was because of our talented people team and their organised and well-thought-out approach behind the scenes. 

Join us as we share how you can make your next office move a success as well. 

Over the course of an hour, head of people experience Karen Lough and people advisor Jessica Scully (key players in the success of our office move) will discuss:

  • The importance of putting together a proper project plan, to ensure everyone involved is aligned on their individual roles in the move 
  • How to work closely with other teams to make sure everything runs smoothly 
  • Things to consider when designing your new office: accessibility, hybrid working, culture fit and more 
  • Saying goodbye to your old office 
  • Welcoming employees to their new homes: how to make the first month a success 

We also tackle your questions in a live Q&A.