Signs you’ve outgrown your payroll provider

About this webinar
Switching your provider of any system or service is fraught with risk. And we know that HR and payroll teams are all about reducing risk.  

But what if sticking with the same old payroll software or provider is actually increasing your risk of errors and non-compliance – not reducing it? Maybe it’s time to twist, not stick, and find an alternative.  

If you’re not sure if now is the right time to switch, join our payroll experts, Amanda Barnden and Jacqui Whyman, for a free webinar as we share the six signs you’ve outgrown your payroll provider. Including: 

  1. The volume of errors is increasing 
  2. You’re still manually transferring data from your HR software to your payroll system or provider 
  3. Customer service levels aren’t what they used to be 
  4. You’re spending too much time on payroll each month 
  5. Its reporting capabilities aren’t up to scratch 
  6. You’re struggling to attract or retain skilled in-house payroll professionals 

We’ll also give you an overview of our payroll software and outsourced payroll and payroll bureau services, so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s time to switch.