Using people analytics to improve the employee experience

About this webinar

The concept of your ‘employee experience’ is so wide-ranging – encompassing everything from how a candidate applies for a role with you, to your parental leave policies, career development plans, and everything in between – that any efforts can fail at the crucial first hurdle: where to start?

Data and evidence are critical to identifying which areas for improvement will have the most significant positive impact on your organisation’s employee experience, and measuring the success of your chosen interventions.

Join people analytics expert Nigel Dias, managing director of 3n Strategy, and Katie Reis, account development manager at Ciphr, as they discuss:

  • The outcomes organisations are trying to achieve when it comes to employee experience
  • What decisions you need to be making (and when)
  • How people analytics helps you make better decisions
  • How Ciphr HR’s reporting and analytics functionality can help