250 people. 1000 goals. How Ciphr inspires performance through the V2MoM framework

About this webinar

We have big ambitions: to amplify the value of people and transform the impact of HR on the UK economy – one customer at a time.

And the only way we can do that is by cultivating a high-performance environment where every employee knows what they need to do, and is able to operate at the top of their game.

That’s why we embarked on a bold root-and-branch transformation of our performance management process. We developed and implemented a new 12-month performance cycle called Ciphr Inspiring Performance (CIP).

CIP’s foundation is our V2MoM: a management framework used to align collective and individual focus, and work towards a common goal. We use it to communicate our company goals and make sure they align to employees’ own objectives.

Join us for this free webinar as we demystify the V2MoM framework and reveal how we overhauled our performance management framework in just six months. A project that means all our 250 employees have total clarity on their goals and objectives – all in the pursuit of delivering HR excellence for our customers.

In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • The rationale behind the V2MOM framework
  • How we created functional V2MOMs, and cascaded these down to team and individual contributor level
  • Techniques for engaging staff with goal setting processes
  • How we use our own HR software to record and measure goals