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Powerful HR analytics software

HR analytics software for with powerful reporting and management information tools provide a reliable foundation for your strategic people decisions, while configurable workflows reduce the need for manual intervention


Create custom reports


Improve planning and modelling


Spend more time on adding strategic value


Drill-down into your data


Automate notifications


Easily maintain organisational charts

Analytics and dashboards

Use Ciphr’s customisable dashboards to view and analyse your people data, and inform your HR strategy. Our management information tools automatically generate and distribute reports, including on your organisation’s gender pay gap.

Software Key features:

  • Configurable HR dashboards
  • Create custom reports
  • Analyse and report on your gender pay gap
  • Drag and drop analysis
  • Auto-schedule reports’ distribution
  • Export data in a variety of formats

“Each HR officer used to spend a day creating HR reports; these are now pre-set in the system and take minutes to run. Ciphr is streets ahead of the competition when it comes to reports. The flexibility is great and reports can be created there and then – it’s absolutely fantastic.”

Streamlined workflows

Make sure tasks are carried out accurately, consistently and on time by automating workflows for common tasks such as:

  • Creating login credentials for new starters
  • Managing your offboarding process
  • Approving absence requests
  • Performance review reminders
  • Probation and contract-end dates
  • Length of service notification

Organisation charts made simple

Clearly visualise your workforce, comply with audit requirements, and carry out informed planning and modelling with Ciphr’s graphic organisational charts. The platform also enables you to analyse your organisational structure and configure multiple views and reports, reducing requests for ad hoc chart creation.

“Ciphr has enabled us to add a level of clarity to information that we’ve never had before. We can now provide the senior leadership team with valuable information that helps us make strategic business decisions.”

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