Can you spot the five candy canes in this festive brainteaser?

In the mood for another festive brainteaser? Give this mind-boggling seek-and-find puzzle a try and see how long it takes you to spot the five candy canes hidden in this vibrant office scene.

Created by HR software provider Ciphr for the holiday season, the puzzle shows a fabulously decorated workplace all decked out in festive colours, with a beautiful Christmas tree, twinkling lights, and a pile of gifts waiting to be delivered.

Look carefully, as the snowy backdrop outside the office window could distract even the most eagle-eyed puzzlers.

It takes most people around 30 seconds to solve – but the record time to beat is 13 seconds. Get your stopwatch ready!

Christmas find the five candy canes

How did you do?

Are you ready for the answers?

This answer key reveals where the five candy canes are located. Did you spot them all?

Look to the top left of the picture, a blue and white striped candy cane has replaced the hour hand on the clock, while a yellow and white striped candy cane is nestled among the fairy lights around the window.

On the floor underneath the clock, a red and white striped candy cane is leaning against one of the presents blending in with the red polka dot wrapping paper.

Another red and white striped candy cane is on top of the stack of books on the desk.

And the final, green and white striped candy cane is on the right of the picture, hanging on the Christmas tree. It’s just below the shining star tree topper.

Why not share the holiday fun and challenge your family and friends to beat your time on this seek-and-find puzzle?