Webinar: choosing the right HR software for your growing organisation

If you’re looking to choose your first system or upgrade to more sophisticated software as your organisation grows, tune into this helpful webinar from HR software provider Ciphr in association with recruitment experts hireful.

Ciphr expert Katie Reis takes you through key aspects to consider when reviewing the HR systems market as a larger organisation, including:

  • – How HR’s requirements for software differ as your employee base grows
  • – Things to consider if you are choosing your first system or upgrading your current system
  • – Standard functionality you should expect any good HR system to include – and extra modules you might not have thought about that could transform how you work
  • – Why you need to think about how any HR system integrates with other HR, L&D, payroll and business tools your organisation uses
  • – The benefits of opting for a consultancy-led approach to software implementation vs a ‘plug and play’ provider
  • – How to approach reviewing the market