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The Ciphr customer care team offers guidance and support for your busy HR team. Building trust and positive relationships with our customer is essential for us to produce exceptional customer support and to ensure you can carry out your HR tasks as quickly and effectively as possible.

Why choose Ciphr LMS
What they say
I always talk about the service we get. It really is Ciphr’s USP”

The customer care team are fantastic. Responses are prompt and support is second to none. We are so impressed with the help we get from the customer care team that, when asked about recommendations for HR systems, I always talk about the service we get. It really is Ciphr’s USP

Feedback from customer satisfaction survey

of our customers say our customer care analysts are friendly and professional

say the customer care analysts give prompt responses

say our customer care analysts are very knowledgeable about Ciphr products

What they say
The customer care team has been incredible”

The customer care team has been incredible. We can contact them by phone, live chat or email. They are very quick to respond and always come back to us when they say they will

Exceeding expectations

Calls and messages to our customer care team are prioritised, logged and tracked through to resolution, and allocated reference numbers so you can track their progress at any time. The Ciphr SaaS environment enables our team to access your system securely, which has proven to be an effective way for customers to communicate and present queries over the phone, while watching an analyst explain the solution on screen.

“Ciphr’s managed service team really changed how we work and the service we can provide to the business. We just don’t have the internal resources to be able to make lots of bulk changes in Ciphr, so we had two options: ether to grow the size of the HR team, or to opt for a managed service. The advantage of a managed service was the expertise of the Ciphr team; they are so knowledgeable, we see them as an extension of our HR team.”

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