Whether you’re new to podcasting or simply want to mix up your listening schedule, why not try our pick of the HR and L&D podcasts?

The growing popularity of podcasts has been near-meteoric; the number of weekly UK podcasts listeners has nearly doubled in the past five years from 3.2 million in 2013 to 5.9 million in 2018, according to statistics from Ofcom.

HR media outlets and thought leaders are jumping on the bandwagon, too, offering everything from generalist magazine-style shows to in-depth explorations of specific topics. Here are our 10 favourite HR and L&D podcasts.


1. CIPD podcast

By: the CIPD
Length: usually 20-30 minutes
Frequency: monthly
Why we love it:
Having racked up nearly 150 broadcasts, the CIPD’s podcast is one of the ‘grandfathers’ of HR podcasting. Unsurprisingly, the professional body has access to some of the biggest, best and brightest minds in HR and L&D; topics range from automation to workplace agility, unconscious bias, cyber security and performance management.
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2. That HR Podcast

By: People Management magazine
Length: around 40 minutes
Frequency: monthly
Why we love it:
New to the HR podcast scene for 2018 – and already attracting a hefty number of listeners – is the monthly podcast from People Management magazine. Hosted by journalists Emily Burt and Lauren Brown, this magazine-style show features a blend of interviews, news commentary, and problem-solving courtesy of resident agony uncle Tim Pointer. It’s the perfect audio accompaniment to your printed copy of PM.
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3. Emotion @ Work

By: Phil Wilcox
Length: varies, usually between 30-60 minutes
Frequency: varies
Why we love it:
Many HR podcasts focus on the ‘hard’, operational aspects of the profession; Emotion @ Work adds some much-needed balance to the podcast mix by promising to dive deeper into what actually makes us tick as humans. Presenter Phil Wilcox is well-connected in the HR community, meaning you’ll hear from a range of special guests on his show – all offering a slightly different, delightfully honest, exploration of how emotions play a role in our working lives.
Get it: from the Emotion @ Work website


4. Training Journal podcast

By: Training Journal magazine
Length: varies, usually 10-15 minutes
Frequency: varies
Why we love it:
L&D can be overlooked by the HR media, so trust Training Journal to produce one of the definitive L&D podcasts. The bitesize episodes make listening easy to fit into your daily schedule, while the event specials mean you can catch up on the latest conferences from the comfort of your sofa or daily commute.
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5. Changeboard podcast

By: Changeboard magazine
Length: 30 minutes
Frequency: couple of times a month
Why we love it:
If it’s interviews with senior HR leaders, CEOs and academics discussing the profession’s most urgent challenges that you’re after, the Changeboard podcast is the one for you. Recent guests include RSA chief executive Matthew Taylor, entrepreneur Margaret Heffernan, and mental health campaigner Ruby Wax.
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6. HR Happy Hour

By: Steve Boese
Length: 35-45 minutes
Frequency: two or three times a week
Why we love it:
One of the most popular and longest-running HR podcasts, HR Happy Hour covers the whole suite of HR interests – from management and leadership to HR technology, and pretty much everything else in between. Steve Boese is an engaging host who attracts the highest-calibre guests, although some HR listeners might find the frequency a little hard to keep up with.
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7. XpertHR podcast

By: XpertHR
Length: 30 minutes
Frequency: fortnightly
Why we love it:
The experts at XpertHR use their fortnightly podcast to assess the impact of legislatory and regulatory developments on the HR profession. Tune in to recent episodes covering everything from flexible working to gender pay gap reporting, grievances, and disciplinaries.
Get it: from iTunes or download the mp3 from XpertHR’s website


8. HBR IdeaCast

By: Harvard Business Review
Length: 20-30 minutes
Frequency: weekly
Why we love it:
Naturally, the producers at HBR IdeaCast are able to secure the world’s top management thinkers for their weekly podcast, which translates complex ideas into snackable audio information. Add this to your mix of podcasts to broaden your knowledge beyond HR and enhance your commercial credentials.
Get it: on HBR’s website or iTunes


9. The Future of Work podcast

By: Jacob Morgan
Length: 60-75 minutes
Frequency: weekly
Why we love it:
Each week, Jacob asks probing questions about the future of work to senior executives and business leaders from some of the world’s biggest brands, such as LinkedIn, Walmart, WD-40, PwC and Weight Watchers. The focus on US themes, challenges and organisations is a nice counterpoint to some of the UK-oriented shows on this list.
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10. HR Leaders podcast

By: HR Leaders
Length: around 40 minutes
Frequency: 10-15 episodes a month
Why we love it:
Top HR directors and CHROs join Chris Rainey for this US-based podcast, which has so much to say that it’s publishing upwards of 10 episodes a month. One for the committed HR podcaster.
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Want even more podcasts?

A number of UK law firms produce regular podcasts that’ll help you make sense of legal developments and complex case law. Try ones from Stephenson Harwood, Mills & Reeve, and Mayer Brown, or opt for Law Pod UK’s more holistic look at UK legal developments.

In 2019, we’re looking forward to the arrival of Not Another Freakin’ HR Podcast, from Patrick Mullarkey and HR Hour founder Mark Hendy. Follow the podcast on Twitter for updates about its release.

If you still want more HR podcasts to sample visit hrpodcasters.com for a comprehensive, although US-focused, list.

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