Secrets for better employee onboarding


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    The onboarding phase is critical for staff retention: more than two-thirds of employees are likely to stay with an organisation for three years or more if they experience a great induction phase. But separate data suggests that only around 10% of employee consider their organisation’s onboarding programme to have been any good.

    And, for the first time ever, the UK has recently recorded having more job vacancies than unemployed people – meaning it’s harder than ever to secure the right candidates, and to retain them.

    This informative guide from Ciphr – leading UK providers of HR software – shares the case for investing in your onboarding programme and the technology you use to support it, sharing how Ciphr revamped its on induction process and what tasks you might want to include in a new starter’s first few days. It’ll help you figure out where you need to improve your onboarding process, and if onboarding software would be useful for your organisation (if you think it is, get in touch with us to discuss how our solutions can help).  

    The guide covers: 

    • Why evidence for why onboarding is so important
    • Key milestones and risks in the ‘preboarding’ phase
    • What activities and meetings you should include in a typical new starter’s first week
    • How Ciphr revamped its induction process
    • How HR teams can support line managers with onboarding
    • The role of integrated HR and onboarding software in improving your induction process