Benchmarking HR software




Modern HR systems are used throughout organisations to, among other tasks, monitor and record people performance, enable people to access essential information, align organisation-wide objectives with personal goalshire new recruits, and report on key people metrics.  

Unfortunately, many organisations are either not using HR software that can support them with these tasks, or are not taking full advantage of the functionality that’s available in their existing software.  

Whether you wish to replace your HR software, understand how to get more out of what you have, or if you want to ensure you remain up to speed on what is happening in the HR technology industry, this guide – written by the experts at Phase3, an independent HR and payroll consulting and services provider – offers practical advice and guidance on how to benchmark HR software, including: 

  • How to understand where your organisation is in its HR software journey 
  • The five-step benchmarking methodology  
  • Making a decision and identifying the benefits of new HR technology