The HR software buyer's guide




Choosing the right HR software for your organisation can be daunting and difficult. Our white paper, How to choose the right HR software: a buyer’s guide, will help guide you through process of choosing the right HR software.

Download the guide to discover:

  • How organisations’ expectations of HR professionals are shifting
  • The critical capabilities that different stakeholders will be looking for in new HR software
  • The key questions you should be asking of any potential HR vendor

The value of people to an organisation is now so well understood and appreciated that the reach of great HR extends far beyond the traditional confines of pay, holidays, and legal compliance.

But smart HR professionals can only achieve their strategic ambitions if the basics are taken care of – preferably with the assistance of a fit-for-purpose, low-hassle HR system. Fortunately, modern systems such as Ciphr HR are capable of so much more than administrative tasks; they have the potential to boost employee engagement; empower staff to take ownership of their data, holiday and training requirements; improve cross-company communication; integrate with and feed into other essential business systems to eliminate duplicate data entry and ensure compliance; and deliver sophisticated reports and management information. At the same time, HR software must meet strict data protection requirements that are designed to safeguard employees’ personal details in this digital age.

This white paper explores organisations’ shifting expectations of HR professionals; the critical capabilities that business will be looking for in a new HR system; and the key questions you should be asking any potential HR software supplier. Download our HCM buyer’s guide for essential advice that will help you choose the right HR software.