Better together: the future for HR systems integration




Much like HR itself is sometimes branded a ‘necessary evil’ – keeping organisations out of trouble when it comes to employment law and regulatory compliance – so too are the systems HR deploys to support its operational and strategic goals. All too often, HR technology ‘just gets the job done’ or, at the very least, doesn’t throw up too many hurdles to completing your to-do list.

This white paper will explore the full findings of our 2018 research in association with YouGov, as well as how the landscape of HR integrations has evolved in recent years to make it easier and cheaper for HR departments to seamlessly sync systems; the benefits for HR, employees and the wider organisation of integrating HR and other people-related systems; common pitfalls to watch out for; the emerging need for a new, more technically minded breed of HR professional; and how to tell if you’re ready to integrate HR systems.

Whether you’re an HRIS whizz-kid, or a relative technophobe, we hope you find this report interesting, inspiring, and helpful.